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Alien Ant Farm have released another new single from their upcoming album ~mAntras~ to be released April 24, 2024 through Megaforce Records. “Fade” is now available to stream on all digital platforms at this link: 

“If you’re looking for classic AAF ingredients, “Fade” is well represented,” says guitarist Terry Corso. “With urgently swung rhythms and heartfelt, to the point lyrics, this track brings the bands creative history with the DeLeo brothers into the present and future.”

The song follows the release of “So Cold”, the band’s first new song since their musical hiatus, which can also be found on the new album.

~mAntras~ is a record that will not only challenge your preconceptions of the band, but will also firmly reassert their place in the world. The band’s sixth full-length, it was shaped by personal change and growth, and it represents as close to a new beginning as a band first formed in 1996 can get. At the same time, it’s not a record that dismisses and disregards the past. Far from it. A record of deep contemplation, ~mAntras~ was born out of various trials and tribulations—its songs don’t just take the listener on a musical journey, but, as its title suggests, also on a personal and spiritual one.

Alien Ant Farm have encountered a lot of adversity since blowing up in 2001 with two iconic songs—first their own composition, “Movies”, and then their classic, generation-defining cover of Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal”—but none more so between the release of Always And Forever and this record. It’s no surprise, then, that a lot of it has been captured on the 11 tracks that make up ~mAntras~.

As guitarist Terry Corso puts it: “Growing up, divorce, children, family, death, band break-ups, surgeries, illness, health—everything is in this record. It’s literally a product of all the fucking shit, good and bad, that we went through.”

All of it, though, was channeled into crafting the most confident and self-assured album of the band’s career (“The manure makes the flower grow,” quips vocalist Dryden Mitchell). And despite the false start, when Alien Ant Farm felt they could pick things up again in terms of making new music, they did just that. What’s more, they found themselves thoroughly reinvigorated and re-inspired. Older and wiser and no longer as eager to please the music industry, the band really leaned into what it meant to be themselves on this album.

“For a band that released “Smooth Criminal”, we are a crazy prog band,” chuckles Mitchell. “If you scratch that just a couple of songs in, there’s some real goodness going on in there.”“Longevity has kind of become the luxury,” adds Corso, “because it lets us do all this stuff that we want to do. It gives us a bit wiggle room to have those prog tendencies and move in ways that feel good to us.”

Alien Ant Farm is confirmed to perform at Welcome To Rockville 2024 with the likes of Foo Fighters, Evanescence, Disturbed, Slipknot, FLYLEAF and more. The band will also perform in Ashland, KY on June 8 at Paramount Arts Center.

Tickets are available at 

Novacaine Rating: 10/10 "Never was a huge Alien Ant Farm fan, but with the new releases of 'So Cold' and 'Fade', they've captured my attention and I will certainly be spinning the new album on 26th April 2024"

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