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Before you continue reading, please listen to this:

The reason I told you to listen before reading, is because this artist has truly captivated me and even bought a tear to my eye with this album. It is the first time ever since I started writing articles in 2018 that I simply sat and listened to an entire album before writing anything, usually I write at the same time and re-listen to write the review at the end. Amigo The Devil is not just another acoustic artist, he is a captivating story-telling artist that has the ability to control your emotions through the power of music. Not only that, but his musical talents are incredible, not just the guitar playing or vocals, although his voice has been given to him by the gods, but each track is put together by someone who is truly passionate about what they do, someone who will not stop until the story is told perfectly. 'Yours Until The War Is Over' is perfection and Amigo The Devil deserves your attention for this man has a story to tell you, let him take you on an adventure like no other.

So with that said, the information below was provided by our partners, Red Sand PR.

The acclaimed singer-songwriter Amigo the Devil (aka Danny Kiranos) will release his third studio album, ‘Yours Until The War Is Over’, on 23rd February 2024. ATD’s most disarming and inspired collection of songs to date, it includes the singles ‘Cannibal Within’ (October 2023) and 'The Mechanic’ (January 2024).

The latter sees hauntingly soft strings and Spanish-style acoustic guitar complement lyrics that reflect on a broken relationship, searching for a happiness lost to the painful reality of time spent together. An accompanying video reveals intimate insights behind the making of the new album. Created in a basement bar-turned-studio in the middle of Tennessee, it depicts the bare-bones of ATD’s recording process, from scribbling lyrics on the pages of a journal, to the natural dynamics with songwriting partner and guitarist David Talley, to experimenting with oddball percussion from his homemade recording den.

Its predecessor is a song of honesty without pity and a profound insight into the depths of the human experience, albeit one with ATD’s renowned darkly humorous wordplay in plain sight. Experimental percussion – the repetitive dropping of a pick, tinking of a bottle and clacking of toy teeth – immerse the listener within an internal dialogue of self-doubt and insecurity.

“I don’t write songs for a purpose. The beauty lies in how people take them – the magic happens between the songwriter and the listener in that shared moment,” explains Kiranos. “Once this new record comes out, it’s not mine anymore. And that’s why we keep writing records, because then we have something that’s only ours again, even if just for a little while. Like wounded wildlife, you nurse them back to health and then you have to let them go.” - Kiranos (Amigo The Devil)

‘Yours Until The War Is Over’ is the first studio album by ATD that was entirely recorded, produced and engineered in-house, with the collaborative nature of the new recording process shining throughout. Kiranos’ songs serve as cinematic vignettes that thread together stories of the human condition, trauma bonding and the method of using relationships for survival, whether by addiction, doubt, death, or narcissism. All heart with no boundaries, it is an album to be experienced from beginning to end in order to recognise the perspective it offers.

The album title is a reference to the love affair between Ernest Hemingway and his nurse Agnes von Kurowsky in the closing months of World War I, a (trauma) bond that developed after the future novelist was severely wounded in Italy just after becoming a Red Cross volunteer at the age of 18. She would sometimes end her love letters by writing “Yours until the war is over,” a sign-off that proved prophetic. Her ultimate rejection devastated and scarred him.

The new album coincides with ATD’s latest US tour, his second since a successful summer 2023 European visit (his first with a full band) to promote 2021’s darkly romantic and hauntingly melodic ‘Born Against’ album. Earning acclaim from UK publications such as Classic Rock, Shindig!, Blues Matters, RNR and Louder Than War, Folk Radio UK neatly summed up everyone else’s thoughts in stating that “it reinforces the adage that the devil truly does have all the best tunes.”

A UK and European tour is currently being planned for mid-2024. (I will 100% be buying tickets!)

Novcaine Rating: 20/10




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