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One of the biggest Yorkshire Rock/Metal acts are back with vengeance and yes, we mean Asking Alexandria (I mean it's in the title...). The group released their brand new EP 'Never Gonna Learn' on 21st January 2022.

First Impressions

Pleasantly surprised, where my exact thoughts when I played the EP in full for the first time. It's got everything you could ask for, each track is a beast of its own and although it may not be what old school AA fans are used to, the band have found their new sound & I absolutely love it.

Is it better than previous releases?

Now before I dive into this subject, I wanted to clarify that I am not saying their previous releases have been 'rubbish', it was simply not my cup of tea *sips*.

I personally have been following Asking Alexandria since the release of Reckless & Relentless and I first saw them live during their self-titled album tour in 2018 and that album was the time I began to kinda fall out of love with Asking Alexandria. It was more the transition from songs like 'Creature' from the album 'From Death To Destiny' and 'The Black' album released in 2016, it was quite different and was far from the Asking Alexandria that myself & many other fans had gotten used to.

When 'Like A House On Fire' was released in 2020 we began to see what direction the band was going in and if I'm honest I wasn't a huge fan of the album, but again this is not to say it was rubbish, it simply was not my sort of thing and it just felt odd that this was the same band that released 'Dear Insanity'.

In 2021 the band released 'See What's on The Inside' and with that album we saw the band expand their horizons, showcasing their talents in a way we've never heard from them before, such as tracks like 'Alone Again' and 'Find Myself', continuing their new sound from the latest albums & EP's whilst bringing in old & new influences, it's the perfect combination for the band.

With all of that being said, listening to this new LP and the latest album has given me a new outlook about the band and I'm falling in love with their music once more. Looking back at albums such as LAHOF and the self-titled album, it is pretty impressive and actually they're both growing on me. I think many fans like myself should listen to their new stuff and take a look at the albums mentioned above, you may change your minds. It might well be different to what we all used to listen to but Asking Alexandria have found their new sound and I have a feeling they're only going to get better and better as time goes on.

The Final Score

Asking Alexandria may be different, but it's an awesome kind of different. Plus, what's better than Danny Worsnop's awesome vocals and of course the legendary Ben Bruce, please can we have some more of his vocals? Thanks, sincerely, everyone.

Also, Maria Brink of In This Moment featuring on 'New Devil' was extraordinary. I do hope they get her to feature on future tracks as her vocals are out of this world and would fit perfectly with one of AA's heavier tracks.

Our rating: 8/10 💀

Check out our favourite track from the EP:

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