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Legendary Metal Act, Avenged Sevenfold, released their highly anticipated new album 'Life Is But A Dream' on 2nd June 2023 via Warner Records.

Some of you may know that Avenged Sevenfold is one of my all-time favourite bands. However, it was not always this way. Pre-2018 I used to dislike Avenged's music, it just didn't vibe with me at all. Then I went to Download Festival in 2018 and my friend who was an A7X fan dragged me to the main stage insisting that I watched them perform, and I am so glad they did! Avenged but on such an incredible performance, smashing each and every track and I even caught myself singing along even though I didn't know the lyrics. Ever since that awesome weekend, I've listened to all of their discography, and bought all the CDs and even their self-titled album on vinyl, because who doesn't want to blast A Little Piece of Heaven from their Hi-Fi system to disturb the neighbours.

I've been waiting patiently for new music from Avenged, and now the time has finally come to see what treats they have in store for us this time around.

Life Is But A Dream is not an album to 'just listen to'.

Some readers may have noticed a different kind of review that was written here literally about an hour ago, but since then I've had some time to think and came to realise that this album is not an album to 'just listen to'. After I posted this article on one of my private social pages Shadow Smiles vocalist commented on said post and simply wrote 'Artistic Masterpiece' and I completely agreed with him on what he said but once I read into it more I came to realise that this album is literally a masterpiece. I've never heard anything like it, the whole album introduces so many different musical elements but some how Avenged have made them all merge into something special.

I still stand by that this is not what I was expecting, this was not what anyone was expecting. Instead of getting what we expected, we got something truly incredible that stands out from everything else that they've done. This is a band that has released 7 studio albums, all of which have always introduced something new and you can hear the band expanding their musical talents and knowledge in each release and this album is all of that put together.

Behind the scenes it tells a story of Avenged Sevenfolds growth since their formation in 1999, overcoming career and life altering moments whilst still pushing forward as a band, still creating incredible music.

I went into this album thinking this album is going to be fun, headbangs at the ready, when actually I didn't go into it considering what the music actually sounded like. This album is a masterpiece. It may not be one where you will go back to it on the daily, but it is one you can appreciate and I'm 100% sure that the live experience will match that energy. Avenged Sevenfold live is nothing like Avenged Sevenfold in the studio.

Top 5 Tracks From 'Life Is But A Dream'

  1. Beautiful Morning

  2. G

  3. Nobody

  4. Mattel

  5. Cosmic

I wish Avenged Sevenfold every success with this album, and if you've already listened to 'Life Is But A Dream' I hope this is one that you've enjoyed, and if not listen again and just experience it with an open mind. It's not for me, but the experience alone, listening to the creativity and the incredible skill that it takes to make tracks like these is enough to leave me satisfied.

The Ratings:

10/10 💀 Just based on the sheer talent that it takes to create something this unique is enough to blow me away. It may not be my cup of tea, but this album is something else.

Did you know Avenged Sevenfold is currently touring?

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