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East Midlands Melodic Death Metal act, Beyond Your Design, has released their latest single 'Violence Breeds Violence' on 11th March 2022 across all streaming platforms. The band released the music video for this track on 10th March 2022.

Beyond Your Design is back crashing through the sound waves with their latest single 'Violence Breeds Violence' accompanied with a ketchup - I mean bloody drenched music video, bringing us what we think is their best & highest quality release to date.

First Impressions

'Violence Breeds Violence' straight away gets you moshing in your living room due to the pure filthiness of that intro and each time you go to play this track you'll catch yourself immediately screaming along.

If you're a fan of BYD's previous works (as you should be), you'll have probably noticed the amount of work that has gone into producing something top-tier quality. Now that's not to say their previous stuff wasn't decent quality, each of their tracks have always sounded high quality, but something about this particular release just sounds like they have definitely put even more into it to show that they mean business.

Violence Breeds Violence

According to lead vocalist Robert Fulton-Hamilton, Violence Breeds Violence "is an aggressive statement about political unrest and discrimination" notably influenced by the crimes committed against George Floyd in 2020.

The track features powerful lyrics such as "We won't forget the hand that strikes us first" "Yet you expect us to say we got what we deserved?" and even divulging into a political statement "You voted for bombs and peace, and bought a nation to its knees. Demanded a price must be paid, with the blood of infants and your playground games", these lyrics really do send an extremely powerful message to everyone, basically saying that it feels like we as humans have forgotten who we are as people more so the politicians who stand by and inflict wars and crimes on the innocents, as we stand by powerless and afraid to speak up against the broken promises of those who we voted in to keep us safe in a world filled with danger.

This track is also extremely relatable today with what's going on over in Russia & Ukraine, the more you look into these lyrics and think about the history of governments across the world, it makes you realise that what's going on over there is nothing new to the world, the wars & crimes have been going on for an extremely long time and the ultimate price is paid by the innocents and the crimes are committed by those who we ourselves rely on to protect us. It's a very scary thought but it is something we all need to start thinking about more and get involved into making changes, even if it's signing a petition or writing to your local MP.

Beyond Your Design have taken a very brave step that not many bands dare take, but they've made their statement in a way it can speak to everyone, no matter who you vote for or no matter what your beliefs are.

The Final Score

"Violence Breeds Violence is Beyond Your Designs best release to date, and it sends a powerful message to everyone that listens." - Rock Lifestyle UK

Rating: 10/10




First Edition Coming Soon!

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