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REVIEW: Bodyslave by Black Lesion

3-Piece Hard Rock Newcomers, Black Lesion, released their brand new single 'Bodyslave' on 24th February 2024.

As you all know, my usual go-to music genre is Nu-Metal or Metalcore, but every so often I like to slow it down a bit and go for something that I can just vibe with, and Black Lesion has unleashed a single that perfectly fits that vibe but also leaves me craving for more with their new single 'Bodyslave' which was released on 24th February 2024.

The new single, Bodyslave, reminds me of one of my all-time favourite acts, SOiL, featuring gritty grungey vocals, heart-pounding drums and thunderous bass with loud and proud electrifying guitars.

When Black Lesion sent this song over to me, they said that "Our latest single, Bodyslave, which we believe encapsulates the raw energy and emotion that defines our sound. We have put our hearts and souls into crafting this piece..."

They also asked for my feedback so they can continue to grow and evolve as artists, and with that I will say;

"Bodyslave is an excellent piece, it features everything I love about hearing new music, mixing sounds old and new to create something incredible. Keep doing what you are doing but keep focusing on evolving your sound, your sound will never be perfected, and that isn't to say that you are not capable, it is just to all artists with what they create is never perfection, there is always something different they want to add or change in their art. Do what you FEEL is right for you and your music. All music is connected to the artists emotion and vision which is forever changing, but do what you feel needs to be done in the moment to create something truly unique to you and your bands vision. Take risks, always step outside of the box but make sure it keeps with your vision."

Overall, the new single by Black Lesion, in my eyes, is absolutely stunning. Whenever I receive music from an unsigned artist, 9 times out of 10 I am godsmacked (pun intended). The reason being is because hearing music from already established artists who are backed by both management and label, as much as I appreciate what I hear from them, I also know they would have had a huge helping hand behind the scenes in creating their music, in both financial and production terms. Whereas artists who are unsigned, have to work even harder to create their music, sourcing studios, producers, mixers, all the things that need to be put in place to put their craft together. That's not to say established artists do not work hard, of course they do, but unsigned underground artists are constantly at work finding new ways to get their music sounding good and heard by listeners.

Black Lesion clearly have put their heart and soul into this track and by the sounds, they have a vision and I urge them to stick to it and to continue pushing forward, stepping outside of the box and breaking boundaries, ensuring those who listen to your music know you by your sound and with 'Bodyslave', you can tell they are almost their to creating something that is truly there own.

Novacaine Rating: 9.5/10

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