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Blacklight Vice, a heavy rock 5 piece act from Southampton, released their new single 'Vultures' on 1st December 2023.

Blacklight Vice released their epic new single 'Vultures' at the start of this month, and it is a belter!

Vultures is packed with filthy riffs, epic vocals and heart pumping drums & bass. These guys are here to devour the music scene like it's a savioury snack, ready to take on anything standing in their path. Not listened to Blacklight Vice before? Get playing now! You will not be dissapointed, we promise!

The band only has 6 singles out right now, the first one being released in 2022 titled 'Them Bones' which is another track jam-packed with musical treats ready to feed your ears. These guys sound like they've been around for years, clearly they worked on perfecting their craft before officially releasing music, and they have absolutely smashed it.

Just by listening to the 6 tracks on their spotify, you can hear how the band have evolved over the space of 1 year of releasing music to the world.

Overall, 'Vultures' is a MUST listen! You need some Blacklight Vice in your life, and if you love tasty riffs and gritty vocals, and enough pulsations to get your blood pumping, these guys are right for you!

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