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Latvian Hard Rock act, Bloody Heels, released their brand new single 'Dream Killers' on 1st March 2022 via Frontier Music SRL.

The single 'Dream Killers' is from the bands forthcoming studio album that is set to be released this summer.

In a Facebook post the band told fans what the new single is all about:

"The song 'Dream Killers' is about those people who fight for their hope, dreams and freedom, and how other people are trying to sabotage and destroy it. We can all see this happening in the world right now unfortunately. Let's pray for those who fight for their dreams and fight for their freedom".

First Impressions

YES YES YES AND MORE YES! Bloody Heels have put together such an awesome sound, it's almost like Def Leppard meets Whitesnake meets Mötley Crüe, and can we please talk about that 80s hell cry at the beginning of the track? I truly crave music like this, it gets you headbanging, easy to follow along catchy lyrics and I bet these guys are phenomenal live.

Dream Killers & The Upcoming Album

Okay okay, let's calm down and talk about why this single is so good and why I expect their upcoming album to absolutely blow up.

'Dream Killers' is like the perfect mixture for those who are fans of hard rock & heavy metal, these guys infuse the two sounds together whilst touching on genres such like prog, goth & alternative and modern rock/metal and it's created such an explosive sound that I truly believe with the right push these guys could easily become headliner status at festivals around the world. Obviously, that would be a dream come true and requires a lot of work, but I personally think these guys have got what it takes, especially if their album is of a similar sound to Dream Killers.

Speaking of the album, of course like many first singles from upcoming releases, it usually defines what to expect upon its release and by the sounds of it it's going to be mega. Taking a look back at the bands previous releases such as their 2020 album 'Ignite the Sky' and comparing it to the release of Dream Killers, these guys have clearly been working on further defining their sound in a much more electrifying heavy explosive kind of way. I believe the bands upcoming album is going to be like nothing the band has released before, and I'm all for it, truly awesome.

The Final Score

So what have we learnt today? I've become a Bloody Heels fanboy? Maybe so. But what we do know is these guys have got the potential to take the world by storm, and we're all here for it!

The Rating: 10/10 💀

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