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Before you begin reading the article, how f*cking sick is that cover art? Holy sh*t!

Cavekiller, a rising force in the metal scene, is capturing the heavy music world's attention with their latest music video, "Awake in the Nightmare." The four-piece group, renowned for their blend of hardcore, metalcore, and deathcore, continues to make a lasting impact on the UK metal scene.

"Awake in the Nightmare" boasts monumental choruses, expansive soundscapes, and relentless breakdowns, offering listeners a journey into Cavekiller's realm. The music video, a dark visual display, perfectly complements the track's intensity, captivating audiences with its raw energy and intense imagery. 

Cavekiller's remarkable ascent is evident through multiple UK tours and a standout performance at the prestigious U.K. Tech Fest in 2023. Their unwavering dedication has earned acclaim from the media, with Kerrang! featuring the band, solidifying their status as a force to be reckoned with in the contemporary metal scene.

Renowned music blog hailed Cavekiller as "a testament to the strength of the British underground scene," while @MetallumSubTerra praised them as "grimy hammering fury." also commended the band's prowess, describing their music as "brutal breakdowns and vocals that delve into the depths of Deathcore." 

With "Awake in the Nightmare," Cavekiller reaffirms their commitment to pushing boundaries and delivering uncompromising metal that resonates globally. As they prepare for an exciting year ahead, CaveKiller are set to make a lasting impression.

Novacaine Rating: 9/10 "Headbangers, get your neck brace ready, Cavekiller is gonna send your vertebrae on an adventure!"

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