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Essex Based Modern Metallers, COLLECTED, released their debut EP 'Say When' on 18th February 2022.

Looking for something a little different? Then COLLECTED may just be the band for you. As SAN PR tells us:

"Ever since their formation, COLLECTED have pushed the envelope, in an ever-evolving fashion, to draw in influence from a raft of genres such as progressive metal, hardcore, funk, jazz and synth-wave." - Garry (SAN PR)

In conversation with Garry, COLLECTED spoke about what their EP 'Say When' is all about and why they have put together a unique sound:

"This record covers topics ranging from mental and relationships to fictional stories influenced by real world issues and experiences. While COLLECTED's sound is primarily rooted in metal, we knew we wanted to branch out. Producing a record that highlights each member's own musical diversity gives listeners a fresh take on the metal genre" - COLLECTED

So, are you ready to discover something new? Let's dive straight into the bands debut EP.

First Impressions

The EP starts of with the EP's title track 'Say When', which straight away hits you with heavy hitting guitars and pulsating drums but then transitions into almost a Neck Deep, pop punky sound but then transitions back into that heavy hitting metal sound. It is quite different and if I'm honest it's not something I would've thought I'd really be into, but actually after listening to this track a few times I actually quite like.

COLLECTED have managed to find a way to merge all these different sounds together to create something truly unique. By all means, it may not be everyone's cup of tea, but even if you're not a huge fan of their sound, you will probably appreciate the hard work & creativity that went into creating their debut EP. Being able to transition between all these different sounds whilst still keeping it all collected (see what I did, heh) is impressive.

The Debut EP

I first heard of COLLECTED with their release of 'Love With Fury' in 2021, which has been in my playlist ever since and gets played at least once a day. This EP will likely be no different, each track stands out on it's own, showcasing the bands raw talent to drag in influences from all sorts of genres across the scene whilst still maintaining their awesome sound.

Currently, my favourite track on the EP has to be 'Faceless Man' and this is down to the incredible vocals, which really remind me of the powerful punch of Alter Bridge's very own Myles Kennedy and those rhythmic electrifying guitars that easily get stuck in your head, complemented by the head pounding instrumentals, creates such an insanely creative track. I would love to see Faceless Man make a reappearance if/when the band decide to put together their debut album. It'll likely be amongst my top favourite tracks of 2022.

This EP is for those that love metal and are looking for something different. There are so many bands out there with similar sounds to each other and it is so difficult these days to create something that no one has heard before, but these guys have managed to pull it off. Like I said previously, it may not be something you're into, but these guys are truly inspirational and are developing a sound that'll for sure push their career & their music into something spectacular.

The Final Score

Overall, I loved the EP and I truly cannot wait to hear what else COLLECTED has in store.

8/10 💀

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