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Incredibly talented Midlands rocker, Danny Beardsley, has dropped his sophomore album 'Chase The Sun' on 24th June 2022

Danny Beardsley is back armed to the teeth, ready to take on the world of rock with his unique masterful guitar talents and captivating voice with his new album 'Chase The Sun' which is jam-packed with tracks that'll make you question everything you've ever heard before. I'm not exaggerating, I love this album. Can I marry it?

Danny spoke about the record with San PR:

Creating this album has been a cathartic process for me, mentally and spiritually. I wanted to push myself as a songwriter and showcase more influences. I transposed guitar parts and experimented with arrangements until the songs spoke to me. As with my other albums, I recorded and produced it myself at my home studio.” - Danny Beardsley

Chase The Sun - The Review

The album kicks off with the track 'The Chance to Live' which initially I thought was badly recorded until it kicked in a few seconds later with some delightful guitar playing, swiftly transitioning into Mr Beardsley's incredible vocals. Whilst I was listening to this track I was thinking his voice reminds me of two key vocalists, those being Shinedown's Brent Smith and Myles Kennedy of Alter Bridge. Danny has some how crafted those two monster house vocalists into his own unique voice, and it really is stunning, adding the mixture of both power and smooth vocals to create something truly special.

I've played this album a few times already so I can gather my thoughts, but I can tell you after the first play of the album I already wanted to listen to it again, it is one I could probably put on repeat, it's such a vibe of an album. I enjoy the fact it's not something I'm particularly used to, it doesn't flow in the usual way, with some parts breaking into solos or breaking up riffs but Danny pulls it off so well, leaving a big grin upon my face at the end.

The Final Score

Admittedly, I am not a usual listener of Danny's work as I'm usually into much heavier music, but in all honesty this album stands out to me and is likely one I'll be putting into my usual daily rotation, especially tracks such as 'The Chance to Live', 'Save Me From Myself' and 'Hurricane'.

So, if you're a fan of Alter Bridge, Shinedown and the likes of Audioslave, then you NEED to check out the insane works of Danny Beardsley.


10/10 ☠️

Check out 'The Chance to Live' Music Video:

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