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Dawn Of Ashes is a Los Angeles-based group whose very name brings to mind ‘the beginning of the end’. Formed in 2001, DOA have broken ground across multiple genres, from aggrotech/terror EBM to industrial/extreme metal, producing a unique hybrid of dark electro and metal styles. This fusion of terrifying soundscapes with brutal, relentless rhythms forms the foundation for the lyrical themes of founder and frontman Kristof Bathory, which explore concepts of horror, anti-monotheistic religion, misanthropy and the negative aspects from emotional abuse.

A brand new single entitled ‘Anhedonia’ has just been released that Bathory explains: “is a song based on the process behind losing hope from depression and sliding down into a hole where the only answer seems to be the end of living. Most humans have been in this place and the only saviour is yourself.”

The song is taken from a forthcoming album, ‘Reopening The Scars’, DOA’s first for Metropolis Records since recently returning to their former label home.

"It is a continuation from our previous album, ‘Scars Of The Broken’,” continues Bathory. “Each lyrical topic touches on the struggles of self-destructive behaviour. Pain and suffering dictated the writing process and created the sounds of emotional hell.”

As for the music that DOA is now creating, Bathory concludes that “after all these years dabbling in dark electronic music as well as industrial and extreme metal, we have found a unique style that complements each genre as one. DOA is neither one or the other in a separate category. The music and lyrical content speaks for itself under a form of darkness that fits for all people who enjoy various types of aggressive music. ‘Reopening The Scars' definitely defines that in a perfect form.”

Dawn of Ashes have a brand new album 'Reopening The Scars' on 19th April 2024 via Metropolis Records.




First Edition Coming Soon!

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