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Leeds based, Progressive Instrumental Duo, Divided By Design, are set to release their fourth studio album on 20th October 2023

Divided By Design are a progressive instrumental band from Leeds UK and they are set to release their fourth studio album 'A Canvas For The Universe' on 20th October 2023. This will be the bands second studio album released this year, with 'The Fear of Being Forgotten' being released in February 2023 receiving positive reviews online with one describing it as “a progressive rock tour de force who have created an album that may be heralded as a masterpiece in years to come".

Divided By Design are a fiery duo to be reckoned with and it is clear that both Liam Stephenson (Guitarist) and Tom Chambers (Drums/Bass) know exactly what they're aiming for, they are on the path of success. The band has already achieved over 1.6k followers on Facebook and have over 1500 monthly listeners on Spotify alone, for an upcoming artist and an instrumental duo, this is an impressive achievement and they'll only continue to captivate more and more listeners with their extreme talents.

I myself do not usually listen to instrumental tracks let alone an entire album, but Divided By Design have been releasing some incredible works over the years. If you are like myself and are not usually into instrumentals, give Divided By Design a chance, it'll be worth it!

The band have given me early access to the album ahead of its release in October, and all I'm going to say is make sure you have it pre-saved.

So if you enjoy stories being told by the form of music, electrifying guitar solos and heart-pounding drums, check out 'A Canvas For The Universe' by Divided By Design on October 20th 2023 and check out their discography, it won't disappoint.

The Cosmological Constant - taken from the upcoming album 'A Canvas For The Universe':

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