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Information provided by our partners: Napalm Records

Rising symphonic metal band ELVELLON released their new album, Ascending in Synergy on 3rd May 2024! The ten track offering marks the outfit’s Napalm Records debut, and is the successor to their highly acclaimed 2018 album Until Dawn and 2015 EP Spellbound. The official music video for the track “Born From Hope” from Until Dawn has reached 1.3M views on YouTube, and the EP version of the song has more than 2.5M Spotify streams. Dubbed as “heroes of tomorrow” by Metal Hammer Germany, ELVELLON has performed at several festival stages both in their home country of Germany and abroad, such as RockHarz Festival, M’era Luna and Rock Fest Barcelona to name a few, and has shared the stage with significant bands in the scene such as VISIONS OF ATLANTIS.

Ascending in Synergy proves that this promising German unit is on top of their game and skillfully manages to balance the tightrope act between diving into the early beginnings of symphonic metal, yet splicing all songs with a contemporary vibe. Opening track “Unbound” impresses with skillful orchestral arrangements and vocalist Nele Messerschmidt’s extraordinary voice. The following “A Vagabond’s Heart” features an exciting intro and one of the catchiest choruses on the album. Dramatic and dark soundscapes and heavy riffs on songs like “Ocean Of Treason” and “The Aftermath Of Life” keep the listener in a tight grip. ELVELLON’s dreamlike, cinematic side shines especially bright on tracks like “Last Of Our Kind” and “The Aeon Tree”. Massive album finale “Epiphany Of Mine” closes Ascending in Synergy impact-fully, leaving the listener wanting for more.

Magical Ascending in Synergy proves that ELVELLON is one of the most promising current bands in the German Symphonic Metal scene. Join ELVELLON on an exciting journey between childlike wonders and hard-hearted bitterness!


1    Unbound

2    A Vagabond’s Heart

3    My Forever Endeavour

4    Ocean of Treason

5    The Aftermath of Life

6    Last of our Kind

7    Into the Vortex

8    A Legacy Divine

9    The Aeon Tree

10    Epiphany of Mine

Meet The Band;

Nele Messerschmidt - vocals

Gilbert Gelsdorf - guitars

Martin Klüners - drums

Pascal Pannen - keyboards

Jan Runkel - bass

Buy Ascending in Synergy Now:

Novacaine Rating: 10/10 - "Elvellon has taken me on an adventure like no other with their new album 'Ascending in Synergy'!

The new album 'Ascending in Synergy' by Elvellon, is absolutely stunning. Everything about it is just quite simply epic in all proportions. I was never really a huge fan of Symphonic Metal, but I'm gonna be honest, this album truly blew me away, especially with tracks such as 'Oceans of Treason' it's just f*cking epic.

The album gave me Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds vibes, and that is my all time favourite musical, and I mean both the story telling aspect and the way the instrumentals were pieced together. Obviously, I am aware Jeff Wayne is not a Symphonic Metal artist, but could you imagine if Jeff released a version of WOTW that is Symphonic Metal and it HAS to be done with Elvellon.

As you can see, just by listening to this one album, they've opened up so many ideas in my mind, because this album is just so damn well put together. Listen to it, NOW. Please. Thanks.

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