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UK-based Thrash / Metalcore four-piece Fates Messenger are pleased to announce the release of their thunderous debut single ‘Scars’, on March 1st 2024 taken from their upcoming debut EP due later in the year.


Formed by members of legendary hardcore / thrash outfits Above All, Romeo Must Die and Dishonour The Crown, the band are no strangers to tearing up the rule book when it comes to creating a sound that is steeped in tradition while also not being afraid to combine the group’s various influences to incorporate a new, raw, thrashy and groove-laden fusion. Fates Messenger have drawn from all of their collective experiences within the UK metal / hardcore scenes and have produced a fresh slab of metal savagery that will appeal to any fan of heavy music. 


Individually each member has taken time away from the music scene but fate has a strange way of sending a message at the right time. With previous experiences touring Europe, being a prominent force in the European metal festival circuit and supporting some of the biggest names in the metal world; Korn, Fear Factory, Entombed and Pitchshifter to name a few, Fates Messenger know what it takes to go toe to toe with some of the biggest names in heavy music and are using this experience to give the hardcore metal world a new name to be reckoned with.


Their debut single Scars, recorded, mixed and mastered by the band themselves, is the first single taken from their upcoming debut EP due later this year. Combining addictively heavy riffs, thunderous basslines and growling vocals Scars sees Fates Messenger deliver an unapologetic hailstorm of noise from start to finish. 

Discussing the lyrical themes behind the track, vocalist and lyricist Tony Maddocks explains: “The lyrical theme to this song came to me while I was reading a heartbreaking story in the media about a teenager who had taken their life due to the ongoing bullying and abuse they had suffered online and physically within their social circles. A cruel and sad reflection on just how inhumane and vicious humans can be in this harsh new world which we have created, where there’s no escape from this kind of mental and physical abuse and how the smallest comment can have a long lasting effect on a person’s life whether it be face to face or online.”

Novacaine Rating: 10/10 "Fates Messenger have brought a brutal new sound with their debut single 'Scars', showing that they mean business. They are here to tell their stories but f*ck sh*t up!"

Fates Messenger also released their second single on the same day titled 'Bonechapel' which just like Scars, has been released to prove they mean business. These guys have been their and done it before, and are ready to do it again with Fates Messenger.

Novacaine Rating: 10/10




First Edition Coming Soon!

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