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Formed from the ashes of legendary British hardcore/thrash outfits Above AllRomeo Must Die & Dishonour the Crown - Fates Messenger are set to unleash further new material this coming year.  Made up of Tony Maddocks - Vocals (Above All), Ron D - Guitarist (Romeo Must Die/Dishonour the Crown), Will Romain – Drums (Romeo Must Die) and Paul Fletcher - Bass (Romeo Must Die), the band are no strangers to tearing up the rule book when it comes to creating a sound that is steeped in tradition.  


Fates Messenger have drawn from all their collective experiences within the UK metal/hardcore scenes and have managed to produce a new fresh slab of metal savagery that will appeal to any fan of heavy metallic music no matter what scene affiliation. A sound created by the band, written primarily for themselves and forged in the furnaces of heavy metalcore that will translate to the modern metal world that has flourished over the years since the band members last took the stage. Individually all of the members have taken time away from the music scene but fate has a strange way of sending a message at the right time.  


With previous experiences touring Europe and demolishing the European metal festival circuit, supporting some of the biggest names in the metal world playing with Korn, Biohazard, Fear Factory, Entombed, Madball, Life of Agony, Pitchshifter, Face Down, Shelter and Into Another the band know what it takes to go toe to toe with the some of the world’s biggest metal bands and are using this experience to give the hardcore metal world a new name to be reckoned with. 

Vocalist Tony Maddocks spoke about the new single release:

"Serpents Coil compares humans to snakes and protection with family and friends. When we are isolated and alone we are vulnerable but when tightly coiled together we are strong. So many are affected by pain and trauma, as snakes shed their skin we want to shed this pain a trauma to become stronger.” - Tony Maddocks

The new single follows the release of the bands double single release World Collapse and Carved in Stone last month, you can check out our review of these releases by clicking here

Fates Messenger will be performing live in London at the New Cross Inn on 25th July 2024, alongside Derrumbando Defensas (Raging metal hardcore from Chile), Sentience (Vegan metalcore) and London thrashers Peacekeeper.  Tickets are on sale here now.

The band is also set to be supporting EARTHTONE9 at their Black Heart Camden release show on 4th August 2024.

Novacaine Rating: 10/10 "Serpents Coil is a spectacular release and follows perfectly from their double single release 'World Collapse' and 'Carved in Stone', this band is on a course for success."





First Edition Coming Soon!

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