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British Alt-Rock group, FOXHAUNT, released their first EP ‘Mindset’ on 4th February 2022.

FOXHAUNT reigns down from the town of York, England and currently constists of: Ollie Swift (Vocalist), Thom Clayton (Guitar), Nick Dawson (Bass) and Jamie Scott (Drums). The band has previously been compared to the likes of Alexisonfire, Linkin Park, Story of the Year and Anberlin. Also receiving praise from outlets such as Planet Rock and BBC Introducing.

First Impressions

‘Mindset’ kicks off with such an energetic track ‘Enemy’ which will immediately make you want to start jumping around in your bedroom. The track itself is a great song to sing along to and will for sure will be a crowd pleaser.

The EP ‘Mindset’

We’ve been following FOXHAUNT for a while now, I first came across FOXHAUNT in 2020 with the release of their single ‘Out Of Control’ and oh boy have these guys grown. The EP itself is brilliant and showcases both their previous sounds and what they’re aiming for in the future, which to me, sounds incredible.

As previously mentioned, FOXHAUNT have been compared to the likes of Linkin Park & Architects, I would personally say if Beartooth met Rise Against whilst still dragging in the influence of Linkin Park. It’s an awesome sound, that if I’m honest I wasn’t too sure of at first when I first heard them in 2020, but after listening to this new EP these guys truly have got what it takes and I am now a die-hard fan of FOXHAUNT.

After listening to ‘MINDSET’ my favourite tracks from the EP are currently Monster, Enemy & Make Me Feel Alive. Actually, scratch that, every single track they absolutely smash it. Each track has it’s own reasons to stand out, all of which featuring catchy lyrics, awesome instrumental and once again, it provides that burst of energy that we all want to feel at a concert.

The band spoke to our partners, San PR about how the EP and how it has developed their outlook:

“Mindset had us rethink how we approach music: sonically, mentally and what kind of message we wanted to voice. We delved deeper into what sounds we can make using our instruments and what we can use to expand the bones of these tracks to reach their fullest potential.” – FOXHAUNT

The Final Score

Excellent band, electrifying energy, showcasing real potential. Let’s go FOXHAUNT!

Rating: 9/10

You can listen to the bands latest EP ‘Mindset’ by clicking here, but we recommend purchasing directly to support the band even more by clicking here!




First Edition Coming Soon!

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