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Italian Death Metal Masterminds, Genus Ordinis Dei, have revealed the video for their final episode of their full length concept album 'The Beginning' which was released on 8th December 2023.

Information Provided By Our Label Partner: Eclipse Records

Ground-breaking symphonic death metal band GENUS ORDINIS DEI (Milan, Italy) just revealed another new music video entitled “The Fortress Without Gates”. This is the fourth and final video episode from the band’s new full-length concept album The Beginning which was just released worldwide on December 8, 2023 via Eclipse Records. The album was produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Tommaso Monticelli at Sonitus Studio in Crema, Italy. The video series was directed by Genus Ordinis Dei and filmed by Steve Saints.

The Fortress Without Gates” is the fourth & final episode of The Beginning which shows us unbridled ceremonial cannibalism in a burst of horrific, violent beauty as The Brother is consumed by sensuous, barbarous tribal women, some wearing animal skulls. The magic of the music works to multiple climaxes where amazing hummingbird sixteenths lay down a red carpet for the guitarwork and emotion-filled vocals. Hearts are devoured here, and treasures are fatally ignored. Watch all four episodes of the full metal music video series The Beginning and listen to the full album at

"The video was shot at night along the sandy banks of the Adda River” says guitarist & producer Tommy Monticelli. “Throughout the day, we set up the sandy camp, decorated the ritual circle, and did the makeup. The band looked like a group of seasoned farmers. Certainly, the intense scene of the heart extraction was the most challenging and incredible ever. The props and SFX from our collaborators Beatrice Tell and Valentina Radenti were amazing. There was no room for error, but at the same time, synchronizing the extraction with the camera and the blood while actor Lorenzo (The Shaman) performed was a real feat. There were actually two hearts, one edible (less realistic) and one absolutely inedible. The edible one tasted like terribly sweet raspberry. We spent a fantastic day together with all the fantastic girls, assistants, and actors who collaborated in the shooting. We will never forget it!” Guitarist & vocalist Nick Key adds, “This final episode recounts the epilogue of this story and the genesis of a mysterious black stone that the brother now wears around his neck. The brother's return to the tribe is welcomed by The Shaman, who, along with his harpies, escorts him towards the dreadful cannibalistic ritual he must undergo. In the midst of this whirlwind of emotions, the brother is placed on the altar, and his mind returns to the last farewell and embrace shared with his sister during their journey.”

The Beginning is the fourth studio album from symphonic death metal band Genus Ordinis Dei, which redefines the way we listen to music and process cinematic theater. In simpler terms, the final product is an exceptional twelve-track album and a stunning set of representative videos called “Episodes,” that directly address the way we use our senses. Interspliced in a clever foreshadowing technique, are images of blood pouring over a stone, advancing like the crooked fingers of some skeletal miscreant, and when The Brother character starts singing, we are startled into the recognition that this is not merely some standard high-quality film, but the vibrant offspring we get from a brilliant, well-produced metal album. Symbolically, the parallel is clear. We are watching exquisite savages at the dawn of existence, who are shockingly similar to us in terms of their passion, physicality, and natural tendencies toward glorified violence. More thematically, Genus Ordinis Dei shows us quite clearly that brutality is the lifeblood of society, as we still so ironically fool ourselves with carefully crafted social constructs. The Beginning is not just music. It is an experience. A red dawn. An awakening.

You watch all 4 music videos below, or alternatively, click here to stream the full-length album. 

Novacaine Rating: "It is impossible to put a rating on anything released by this band as it is always out of this world. The amount of creativity and skill that goes into releasing these albums is insane. Genus Ordinis Dei are extraordinary, incredible." - Novacaine

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