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Norwegian Melodic death metal band, Haunted By Silhouettes have released a new music video for their latest single 'Flock' on 14th February 2022 from their upcoming EP album 'No Man Isle' which is set for release on 6th May 2022 via Eclipse Records.

The bands latest single 'Flock' which was originally released on 12th February 2022 is a heart melting(?) yet soul-destroying track, screaming it's way through the sound waves.

Eclipse Records spoke to lead vocalist Mathias Rye and guitarist Per Kristian Grimsland about the new single and the shooting of the music video:

"Flock is mainly a departing speech to the world from a person that has decided to live the rest of his life completely alone. It's also about taking a leap of faith and initiating a new beginning for oneself. That's why we think Flock was a good choice as the first single from our new (upcoming) release" - Mathias Rye (Vocalist)
"We had a lot of fun shooting this video. We did the band sequence on a huge stage. The process was a lot of fun; designing the lighting and mood of the shoot, and coordinating that with the song as it progressed. Stian and Mathias had the main vision for the visual aspect, and we all contributed with ideas on how to make it as good as possible. With this single we’re trying to set the stage of where we are and what is to come. From an audience perspective we’re more experimental this time around, but at the same time more focused on a set vision and concept than ever before. I’m very proud to share this with the world!" - Per Kristian Grimsland (Guitarist)

According to Eclipse Records, The Isle Of Man EP was planned to become a short concept story written by Mathias. Inspired by poet John Donne, who is most famously known for his poem 'The Canonization'. It's said the EP focuses on themes such as solitary survival, family, independence and societal humanity.

Mathias spoke to Eclipse Records about the EP itself:

"No Man Isle centres around a middle-aged divorced man that decides to cut all ties with the world, and to live on his family’s deserted island for the rest of his life. He travels to the island and a lot of mysterious things happen that seem to be connected to his uncle's disappearance from the island 40 years earlier.
The songs are perhaps more melodic and to the point this time around with more distilled, focused details added to each song. There's also a maritime retro vibe going on with the added synth arrangements that make the songs pop out more and sound a bit bigger, epic and unique" - Mathias Rye (Vocalist)

Eclipse also noted that the new EP 'No Mans Isle' was a 'great opportunity for Haunted By Silhouettes to take their unique death metal sound - down a heathier path.'

"We wanted to tune down from drop-C to drop-A to make the sound heavier. Per Kristian and I wrote a bunch of riffs and then the whole band took a trip to a cabin in the mountains of Norway to write 7 demo tracks for the EP from those seven, five songs ended up on the EP" - Stian Hoel Fossen (Guitarist)

A little bit from me...

I for one, am quite excited for the release of 'No Mans Isle' later this year. 'Flock' is a stunning single released from the band and is a great first impression for someone that is discovering them for the first time. I'm a huge lover of heavy music, usually more towards Metalcore & Nu-Metal, however, I do from time-to-time listen to Melodic Death Metal, you know... to relax...

I've not yet checked out the bands previous releases, but I do know they have released 2 LP's so far: The Last Day on Earth LP in 2019 and Shortcuts to Dead Ends LP in 2018. Once the time comes in May for the new EP 'No Mans Isle' to be unleashed into the world, I will be writing up a review and comparing to their previous releases, which I do not doubt I will very much enjoy them all.

Flock is a track that throws you straight in, you are immediately greeted with Mathias god-like vocals & an instrumental that hits hard enough to get you moshing at 7am on a Monday morning. It's perfectly crafted and will give any melodic death metal fans shivers, because it's just so damn... melodic death metal, man.

Okay enough of me failing to be funny, in all seriousness, 'Flock' is a smashing track and I really do recommend you checking it out. It's been played in our office about 4-5 times in the hour of me writing this article, so it's safe to say it's pretty darn good.

The Final Score

"Haunted By Silhouettes have delivered a heart melting yet soul-destroying track, perfect for all metal lovers"

You can stream 'Flock' by clicking here, but we also recommend pre-ordering their upcoming EP by clicking here.

The Rating: 10/10 💀

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