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Buffalo Hard Rockers, Hearts & Hand Grenades, released their brand new single 'Burn (By My Fire)' on 22nd September 2023.

Buffalo's hard-hitting rock sensation, Hearts & Hand Grenades, ignited the scene with their scorching new single 'Burn (By My Fire)' on September 22nd, 2023, via Eclipse Records.

This incendiary single is a tantalizing preview of their forthcoming full-length album, 'Where I Begin,' slated to drop on January 26, 2024, promising an explosive start to the new year.

'Burn (By My Fire)' demands to be cranked up to full volume, featuring gritty, infectious vocals, electrifying guitar riffs, and thunderous drumming—all fused into a fiery sonic detonation. For enthusiasts of bands like Halestorm and Dorothy, Hearts & Hand Grenades is the latest addition to your list of favorites. These musicians deliver an unapologetically powerful sound and are clearly poised to set the world ablaze with their music.

The band spoke with Eclipse Records about the new single 'Burn (By My Fire)':

"With our first single off the new album being such a powerful track, we wanted the video to make an impact” says lead vocalist & bassist Stephanie Wlosinski, “so we felt what better way to launch our third full length album than arriving back on the scene with raging fire, which also symbolizes that the band is here to stay!”

Guitarist Mike Bress continues, “This was a challenging shoot for us because we never shot a music video synced with another video on a giant screen before. It was a very interesting process of bringing it to life, and our director Nick Sonricker was fantastic to work with. He came up with some great ideas to make the video pop? We did the shoot at The Palace Theater in Hamburg, NY but we had numerous technical difficulties playing along with the video on the big screen. It was dark in the room, and we almost fell off the stage a couple of times. The stage lights were also very difficult to work with because they were so bright that they were blinding. This also caused the temperature in the room to increase drastically. We lost a few pounds of water weight during the shoot as a result, but Nick took extra measures to keep us safe, and despite the dangers he was able to make sure the end result was all worth it!” - Eclipse Records

The Final Score:


Hearts & Hand Grenades have come so far since we last reviewed their album 'Between The Lines' back in 2021, they have been clearly working on developing their sound over the last few years and I cannot wait to hear the new album in 2024, it's going to kick ass!

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