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Reigning from Bristol, the five piece extravaganza rock act ‘IOTA’ released their latest new single ‘Take It’ on 15th July 2022.

IOTA formed in 2019 and shortly after released their debut single ‘My Enemy’ which according to Jade Perry from Memphia Music PR & Management, the bands debut single saw them “championed by the likes of Classic Rock Magazine and Kerrang!” and due to the success of ‘My Enemy’ the band was “selling out shows across there hometown of Bristol” as well as already appearing on “festival bills such as ‘The Great Escape and 2000 Trees'”.

Vocalist Jodie Robinson told Jade that just before the pandemic hit, she set up her own recording studio saying that she did it “through the urge to break out of mundane jobs and take creative control of our own music and time”. According to Perry when the lockdown hit, Jodie had to move into the studio to be able to afford to keep it going whilst the whole band clubbed together, helping with the building of the space.

Speaking about the single, the band said:

“Take It was inspired by the fight with yourself in a multitude of circumstances, work, relationships, socially and mentally. The continuum of holding yourself back and having this other side to yourself that is constantly telling you; ‘you aren’t good enough, you won’t make anything of yourself’. The persistent reminder of how well everyone else is doing, social media controlling us and having a huge effect on us mentally. Constantly taking that push back and battling with your own mind as if it is a whole other person inside of you. We wrote the song during and before lockdown with Lee Kiernan [of the band Idles] who helped us build on the track instrumentally and melodically” – IOTA

First Impressions – Take It

At first I didn’t know what to expect, was it going to go poppy, was it going to go punk, was it going to go metal, I just didn’t know until those vocals kicked in and the crazyness was unleashed. The second those I heard those vocals, accompanied by the perfectly timed instrumental I immediately got that feeling that I had when I first listened to VUKOVI a few years ago. It felt fresh, it felt amazing.

The music video that accompanied the single also complimented the song perfectly, high quality and professionally shot.

My Enemy, Take It, Dreamer.

As I mentioned before, My Enemy was the bands debut single that they released in 2019 and much like Take It, it too is a well put together track that perfectly introduced the band to the world at the time. However, I wanted to compare My Enemy to the bands latest release ‘Take It’ as I wanted to comment on how massively the band has improved upon there sound in just 4 years since there formation, especially having only released a hand full of songs so far.

My Enemy was like I said, well put together, it sounds like it was produced by someone who knows what they’re doing and the band had an idea of what they wanted to sound like. Although I do have to say, ‘My Enemy’ really reminded me of No Doubt which is fronted by Gwen Stefani, the method of singing sounded similar and even the style of the track was similar to of No Doubt, far from imitating, but I think there is some influence there at least, which of course isn’t a bad thing, every band has been influenced by another artist, but even with this influence the band still had their own sound.

With there first 2022 release with ‘Dreamer’ to me it’s a huge improvement, the band have worked on their sound, developed something truly kick-ass and fresh. I can also say this about their latest release ‘Take It’ when you compare it to ‘Dreamer’ which IOTA released earlier this year, there passion is still driving them to craft perfection and with this latest release I personally think they’re pretty much there. We need a debut album!

The Final Score

Overall, I truly believe that IOTA are a fresh of breath air, the vocals are on point, the instrumentals are incredible, they compliment each other perfectly and now I’m itching to go to one of IOTA’s shows. I’m shocked that these guys haven’t blown up yet, ‘Take It’ is a f*cking tune and is my July anthem, it will be blasting from my car speakers on my way to work, just gotta try not to dance whilst driving.

The Rating: 10/10 💀 – ‘Watch this band, they’re going to go crazy’ – Rock Lifestyle Magazine

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