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UK Protest Punk Duo, KILL, THE ICON! released their second single 'Bourdain' on 11th February 2022.

Before we dive in, here's a little message from us:

We at Rock Lifestyle UK do not often like to get involved with politics and we just want to state that although we are promoting KILL, THE ICON! it is because we believe no matter the political stance or views of an artist we will help support them in their careers. We believe everyone should be free to make their own opinions and have the freedom to express themselves however they see fit. Reasonably, of course.

According to Carnival of Oddities, "KILL, THE ICON! is fronted by Nishant Joshi, a doctor who successfully took the UK government to court over their lack of protection of his fellow healthcare workers during the onset of the pandemic."

The band are all about making a change, Lindsay from Carnival of Oddities explains

"The band is changemakers creating songs about changemakers. This makes their existence a welcome tonic to the pseudo-anarcho 'Lad Rock' that we see pushed more often than we should. In other words, KILL, THE ICON! go beyond just walking the walk -- they pave the path too"

'Bourdain' is the bands second single and is all about the late Anthony Bourdain, who made his mark on the world as a celebrated chef and cultural documentarian. Joshi told Carnival that he "spent time revisiting Bourdain's famed 'Parts Unknown' series during last year's lockdown, and mulled over how surreal it felt that a man who seemingly 'had it all' and made such a global impact through his work could truly be gone."

In November 2021 they released 'Buddhist Monk' which told the story of Thich Quang Duc, who sacrificed himself in protest of the persecution of his fellow Buddhists in 1963 Vietnam.

So, from what we gather, KILL, THE ICON! is a band that is inspired by people that truly make a difference for the better, and with that, they themselves are taking a stand to inspire people & to tell them all about the injustice that many of us face around the world.

Let's talk Bourdain

Political stuffs aside, let's talk about the music!

Personally, I quite enjoyed listening to Bourdain. It flows really well, it has a catchy beat and lyrics that you can easily learn. You'll have your feet tapping, your head bopping whilst listening to meaningful lyrics that tell us a story about the legacy left behind by Anthony Bourdain.

There's not much I can say about the new single, it's a good track, it's something I believe old school punk lovers will definitely appreciate, as after all Punk was originally all about anti-establishment, anti-status quo, believing in the freedom of the people and the destruction of tradition. KILL, THE ICON! are not much different, they've stated that they're Anti-Facist and Anti-Work. In their own Facebook description it says "Do not normalize living in a kleptocracy (a government with corrupt leaders) and to celebrate your right to protest.

So, if you're an old school punk lover, you should probably check these guys out! and of course, if you're of a political mind, these guys may spark your interest.

The Final Score

Overall, I enjoy the music, these guys have real potential and have a really good sound that I believe most people that have a listen will enjoy it too. Even if you don't quite agree with their statement, they're definitely worth giving a try.

The Rating: 8/10 💀

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