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Kim Dracula is an artist I've been following for just a few months now ever since YouTube finally recommended me something decent with their algorithm. Kim rose to fame on the app TikTok with their cover of Lady GaGa's hit single Paparazzi.

Since then Kim Dracula has released 6 singles all of which has gained mass attention. Their style of genre is wildly unique, bringing in many different influences including Jazz but it is done so well that it fits perfectly to his craft.

On 17th February 2023 Kim Dracula dropped a brand new single titled 'Seventy Thorns' featuring the legendary KoRn frontman, Jonathan Davis.

This new single is absolutely f*cking crazy, which is exactly what one would expect from Kim Dracula. Two worlds have just collided on this single and it is a masterpiece. Incorporating Thrash Metal as well as a multitude of other genres into this single has performed well for Kim Dracula, once Jonathan's vocals come in, it makes it feel like a KoRn track that has just gone insane and I am in absolute awe.

It is unclear at the moment if we should be expecting a debut album from Kim Dracula, I hope we do as so far every single track has been crafted to perfection. This track in particular ends on a fade out which sounds like another song could potentially begin on an album, if this is a teaser it's been done well.

I want to say congratulations to Kim for this release, I cannot believe how quickly they have risen in the industry and have captured the attention of the likes of Jonathan Davis. Fingers crossed we get to see them perform live in the near future.

Rating: 10/10

Listen to Seventy Thorns:

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