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Metal Act, State of Deceit, released their full-length album 'Stalked By Daemons' on 13th October 2023 via Eclipse Records.

**Information provided by our partners: Eclipse Records**

The new album by State of Deceit is entitled Stalked by Daemons. Stalked by Daemons delivers the best of all metalcore, thrash, and groove, often in stylistic antithesis that is startling and ultimately satisfying. The intricate rhythm tracks are fascinating mosaics, always evolving in shape and color, and the blistering lead guitar solos paint pictures that leave scars, the aesthetic kind, like treasured ink we pattern into the flesh. The growl vocal is vicious just as the traditional, rich harmonies of the chorus-work are heartfelt and bold. State of Deceit are the epitome of metal at its core, at its roots. Metal artists are often social mysteries, but that is finally beside the point. Sometimes, they start social trends for the sake of leading the pack or demonstrating to us our own ironies, but in the end, all of that is just pomp and circumstance. Rock is about making tile. Rock is about the basement and the garage, and the idea that hard practice can make you a superstar. State of Deceit offer us a distinct, instrumental layering technique as the songs on Stalked by Daemons bring us into their process and into their world brick by brick! The riveting full-length release contains ten brutal songs, and it is scheduled for release on October 13, 2023. The album features artwork by Pierre-Alain D of 3mmi Design.

State of Deceit lineup

Peter Scammell (lead vocals), Jonathan Russell (rhythm guitar), Gareth Jones (lead guitar), Davide Santini (bass & backing vocals), Matthew Toner (drums).

Novacaine Rating: 9/10

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