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Northern Brit Five-Piece, Lords of Ruin, released their new EP 'Coda Revival' on 24th November 2023.

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Talented UK quintet LORDS OF RUIN continue to rise backed by their stunning concoction of crisp and vigorous Hard Rock, which is framed by edgy Alt-Metal. Loaded with magnetising hooks and stout riffs, the UK hard-hitters have release their sophomore EP, Coda Revival.

Coming at you from two corners of northern England, the early beginnings of LORDS OF RUIN were crafted in 2017. However, it wasn’t until 2019, when the engrossing quintet unleashed their debut single, In from the Cold, that the band began to pierce through to the upper reaches of the rock fraternity. Momentum continued as the riff lords played a raft of key shows throughout the UK, as well as performing the HRH festival.

Following the recent pandemic, LORDS OF RUIN returned with their mesmerising debut EP, Ruin Within, which landed last year, enabling the band to play larger festivals and a series of support shows. LOR are now poised to step up with their next installment, Coda Revival. The band remark about the record: This EP is our way of drawing a line under everything we’ve done up until now, while leaving indications of what’s to come. This is not the end, but it is the final piece of this chapter of Lords of Ruin and a culmination of what we’ve been working on since our inception.

The EP is definitely something special; it’s an engulfing slab of modern hard rock that’s loaded with striking refrains, detailed phrasing and absorbing dynamics. The northern rockers have produced an imposing release that is sure to transcend the underground and gift the Brit-rock crew with well-earned national commendation.

Novacaine Rating:

10/10 - One word, Epic.

Band Members:

Lord Dox – Vocals; Lord Steve-O – Drums; Lord Liam – Bass; Lord Stones – Guitar;

Lord Kev – Guitar.

Social Links:

Track Listing:

EP track listing:

1) Decay,

2) Bulldozer,

3) Universal,

4) Broken Dreams.

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