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Rock Multi-Instrumentalist, Lucky Thief, released their debut album DIY on 25th August 2023

Rock Multi-Instrumentalist, Lucky Thief, released their stunning debut album 'DIY' on August 25th 2023 and it is an album packed with raw energy and talent.

From the get go this album draws you in immediately, with the first track 'Landlubber' captivating your attention with an electrifying build up which is followed on by the incredible vocals of Ed Jefferson.

'DIY' is packed with raw energy, electrifying guitars and stunning vocals, perfectly showcasing Ed's talents, proving that they are an artist to watch in 2023.

Ed Jefferson spoke to Jade Perry at Memphia Music about one of the tracks titled 'Spit On The Pavement' which was released as a single before the albums release:

“'Seeing people spit on the pavement, I've always thought it was such a futile act of rebellion. This led me to think about all the other ways we rebel or try and destroy our own paths in similarly pathetic ways. In this track I touch on my own previous relationships and how I have sabotaged my own journey through life. So, how do you spit on your pavement? - Ed Jefferson

Although DIY is the brain child of Ed Jefferson, the album was put together by some of 3 well known names in the music industry. Dom Hitchinson known for his works with Heavy Lungs, The Mantees and Pet Shimmers, mixed by Ky Witney who is known for their works with The Naturals and mastered by Pete Maher who are known for their works with Pixies, Jack White and The Rolling Stones. All these incredible talents came together to create one stunning debut album.

The Final Score:


DIY is an album that I highly recommend you check out, even if you are usually a metal fan, this album is jam-packed with raw energy, talent and pure passion for music.

Stream now:

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