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UK South-west duo Mt. Onsra's second album ‘Sacred Time’ will be out 28th June. Simon Allen & Russell Cleave will be self releasing the tome, as they did with 2022 debut album ‘Written in Silence’. However, this record came to life in actual person at a studio, rather than how they recorded the first, totally remotely over Whatsapp during lockdown. Both talented multi-instrumentalists with a wealth of experience, at the core of this project is a love story of two friends floating in and out of each others’ lives. 

The first track to be revealed from the forthcoming album is expansive opener ‘Emergent’ which rumbles, at first quietly but ultimately weightily out of the gates.

Cleave says 

“This was the only song where we broke the format of me sending Simon an instrumental to work on vocals/melodies/lyrics and any added atmospherics. This time I was sent a basic outline with vocals to expand on and arrange into a song, experimenting with and building the dynamics as I went.” Allen adds “This one came from me playing about with Decent Sampler and getting some interesting sounds but basically I was trying to recreate something that Russ would play!! It’s a song about acceptance.”

Allen and Cleave first met back in 1995. They formed a band. They moved to London. They split up and went their separate ways. For the next 20 years, the duo would stay in sporadic contact but without a music-making connection. the global pandemic hit and the pair decided to write a song together, remotely. That 1 song turned into 10, which in turn became Mt. Onsra’s debut album ‘Written in Silence’. This record is the sound of the duo’s respective lockdowns and was released by them in 2022. The pair never met up physically when making this album, going through the process entirely remotely. They never discussed a genre or specific influences for the project but rather just wrote exactly what came out. There were no words at all between them throughout the process, as they simply sent files back and forth. Only once the album had been completed did the duo have a video call together.

During their 20 year arc, musically the pair had diverged. Cleave formed Brotherhood of the Lake & Helpless, releasing multiple albums, touring across the globe and were celebrated by the BBC Radio 1 Rock Show, Kerrang! & Metal Hammer. Allen, on the other hand, released a solo album under the name Esay - ‘Hundreds and Thousands’ was produced by Tom Dalgety (Royal Blood, Dinosaur Pile-Up, Killing Joke). During this sojourn, he also became a Bath Folk Festival Award Winner and played in alt-country outfit Littlemen. The genreless expanse of Mt.Onsra provides a space and time for both men to connect to something bigger. 

Mt. Onsra’s music is an emotional release, the sound of searching; for meaning, for connection and understanding, with second album ‘Sacred Time’ delving further into these soul-searching avenues. Raw and intimate, orchestrated and loud, there was never any plan, there was no strategy. The process in the studio was equally organic and Allen even felt the need to sojourn back to his own home setup when it came to recording vocals, in order to keep them raw and intimate. 




First Edition Coming Soon!

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