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Their most raw yet engrossing record to date, ...buried where you stand was recorded almost entirely live as a three-piece at Megatone Studios with engineer Mark Gittins. For their fourth record the band stripped back the lavish technicolour method that defined their most recent albums, 2019's Pareidolia and 2021's Dreams of Being Cornered, and instead focused on the unfiltered immediacy found in their early work. From the no-wave influenced 'Mere Slaughter', to the lilting psychedelia of 'Perfumed Corpse' and the ambient drones of '.cycles', the band cover all this ground and more without compromising their own unique artistry.

"Our goal when writing and recording ...buried where you stand was to capture the essence of our live sound in the most honest manner possible - this meant all tracking in a room together with very little separation between instruments, and minimal overdubs. Our 'Albini record' if you will. 
"Thematically, I have always tended to look inwards when writing. It is somewhat of a self-directed, existential manifesto - an attempt to recapture the parts of myself I felt lost; a distillation of the relentless, cacophonic internal monologue that results from juggling infinite choices and then facing bottomless consequences. I have not been inclined to seek lyrical inspiration in our country;s dire socio-political climate when there is so much inherent inadequacy in my own existence to be exorcised. Those themes being spiritual ambivalence, substance abuse and recovery, the human condition, fugue states, the pendulum-swing of living", vocalist and lyricist James explains.

You can stream the new album by following the links below:

Novacaine Rating: 10/10

"At first I wasn't a huge fan of mutes, but as I've dived more and more into this new album, they have introduced me to a new style of music that just puts me in a positive mood and a complete vibe. I need more MUTES MUTES MUTES!"




First Edition Coming Soon!

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