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Hello! Welcome back to Novacaine and thank you for taking your time to read our new music update.

Novacaine is an independent project which I run by myself and I often struggle to find time to dedicate to writing reviews due to also having a full-time job and disabilities to juggle all at once.

Which is why I have made the decision to reduce the amount of reviews that I will be writing on this site and instead replacing it with a new category called 'Music Library'. These posts will still be in the form of articles on the site but will only contain basic information provided by my PR partners alongside a rating out of 10.

Essentially, the library will be a list of new releases that you should check out. Included in the articles will be the links where you can purchase or stream the releases and a link to our Spotify playlist that is packed with incredible upcoming artists and their latest releases.

Using this new method I should be able to help promote more new music on a regular basis as writing reviews can take me hours to write, especially when writing multiple reviews in a day as I don't just listen to the albums once, it is on a constant repeat to make sure I can make a fair and honest review.

I am looking at adding a 'bands list' to the site of the library page so you can see if an artist you are currently following has any new releases, but this may take me some time to find something solid.

Thank you all for your support.

- Scott O'Shea

PS: A new 'CREW' update is coming very soon!




First Edition Coming Soon!

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