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As of today, 1st March 2024, Novacaine is celebrating 5 years of New Music Discovery.

I first started this website back in 2019 under the name 'Rock Lifestyle UK' as I wanted to release music news articles that stuck to the facts, as at the time there was a lot of mis-information being released by multiple well known music outlets. During this time I was contacted by a band called Edge of Paradise who wanted to set up an interview with us. This was the first time I had ever done anything like it, I didn't even know what to do as, and I'm gonna be honest, at the time I had f*ck all knowledge about the music industry, and to be even more honest, I am still learning to this day.

You can watch the first ever interview that we did way back on 1st March 2019 below:

Edge of Paradise introduced me to a whole new world of music, not only did they make me a fan of their music they also made me realise that there is so much hidden talent bursting at the seams. This set me on an exploration mission, to find bands that where releasing music independently, those that are just starting out and to review their music and give honest feedback from someone who is simply a listener, not a music critic, not a professional, but so they can hear from someone who is just like their current and future audience, as at the end of the day, it is your audience that you should listen to so you can learn to grow with them.

After the interview with Edge of Paradise, it made me want to interview more bands such as The Astronots, Broken Empire, Cryosphere and The Edge of Reason who did our first ever giveaway with us for their at the time new album 'STING' which was a huge deal for me at the time, and to be honest if it happened again it still would be. I even went on to interview the now very successful Metalcore act, InVisions, who at the time where just at the start of their epic career.

After this interview, I was invited to once again interview the ones who started this all, Edge of Paradise in December 2019, but this time in person. They generously offered me and my colleague at the time, backstage passes so I could talk to them about their new album. I was so excited but also, absolutely sh*tting myself! Not only was I to travel into Camden town in London, I was also to sit in front of a band, ask them questions in person and try to behave as professionally as I could, with no previous experience at all. And to be honest, it was f*cking amazing! The band was lovely and so where those who were supporting them that night, and because of this experience I went on to meet the incredible Gary Levermore who runs RedSandPR and he offered to start sending me PR with the awesome bands that he promotes.

Gary and Edge of Paradise are the whole reason why we are who we are to this day.

Because of this, I have been given the privilege to work with so many other PR agencies and artists across the globe, even some how working with Napalm Records to receiving PR emails for the likes of Alien Ant Farm, SOiL and Static X, god knows how I even managed that, but what I do know is, none of this would be possible if it wasn't for those who gave me a chance at the beginning and for everyone, including you, our readers, for your amazing support over these last 5 years.

I have so many ideas of what I would like to do with Novacaine, and I do hope that one day we can become platform that you, and the artists we work with, to be a reliable, safe and fun place for you to discover new music. I want to build a community of music lovers from around the world to join us on this new music discovery journey. It's a long road ahead for sure, but I do hope you stick around to find out what's coming next.

Thank you for 5 incredible years of new music discovery, and for giving me the support to continue running this website. Every time someone interacts with one of our pages on social media or decides to register with our newsletter, it gives me joy and I love interacting with you online, so please feel free to drop a comment, message or email, I'd be honoured to talk with you.

I will be hosting a giveaway at some point this month to celebrate this platforms 5 year anniversary, I do hope you come and join us and grab yourself some free merch!

Speak soon!

Scott O'Shea

Owner of Novacaine

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