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Alternative Rock Act, Paraline, released their new single 'Icarus' on 23rd January 2024 via Eclipse Records. The band is also set to release their brand new EP 'Sound Weapon' on 1st March 2024 also via Eclipse Records.

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Paraline are back with a new music video and single entitled "Icarus". This is the second music video and single from their upcoming EP album Sound Weapon which is scheduled to be released on March 1, 2024 via Eclipse Records.

The music video was directed by Leo Andersen.

I could only describe the making of this video in three words… cold, unbelievably cold. For me personally, it was the hardest project we've ever done, but I'm damn happy with the result!” says bass guitarist Alex Shustoff.
When we were preparing the script for the video, I couldn’t imagine that the filming process would be as challenging as the story of Icarus and his father.
On the day before, it snowed so much that it was impossible to drive to the location, even in an off-road vehicle specially prepared for the harsh winter! We essentially had to create a mile-long road with our own hands.
As if that weren't enough, nature rewarded us with strong winds and extremely low temperatures. We managed to survive, but it was a real test of our physical abilities and our characters!"
Lead vocalist Leo Andersen adds, “The story of Icarus is very interesting in itself. It is a multifaceted story about a dream, about the struggle for oneself, one's destiny and one's future, and about the sacrifices one has to make for it.
We saw ourselves in this myth and that's how the song was born. You may see yourself in this story too, in which case we can only sympathize with you and hope that Icarus will support you and let you know that you are not the only one fighting for what you think is right.
Despite the seriousness of its subject matter and its heavy sound - it's a very tender and even heartwarming song, and we really wanted the video to support that feeling and we believe we accomplished this!”

Sound Weapon EP Cover Art

The new EP titled Sound Weapon by alternative rock band Paraline is a battle cry straight from the soul. Packed into a military box featured on the album cover, this "weapon" thematically explores the glory and tragedy of mirrored duality through its music: parallel lines symmetrically perfect yet never connecting, like the brothers in the band. Musically, the groove is the key to the cages of the lockup, and it is scheduled for release on March 1, 2024. 

The regal guitars open the war-chest, and the vocals are a smooth and lustrous searchlight chasing fear to the shadows and demons back into their snake pits. Plainly, the band takes rock music to a new level. The lyrics, interpreted literally, explore the chains and shackles of society, friends gone wrong, politics and relationships, and denials leading to emptiness. Moreso, however, this album is an epic example of what is most coveted in any art form. Sound Weapon is a sketchbook for the listener’s past and a launching pad for unrequited, bold imagination. Whether you see heaven, cold hell, the dazzling skin of the sun, or a sinister mist underneath a low moon, this record paints pictures that celebrate your journey and make your mystery rich and immortal. Now it is your turn to find out - what is in the box.

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Novacaine Rating: 10/10 - "Paraline is an epic discovery, 'Icarus' is such a tune, everything in this track is perfect, reminds me of Three Days Grace which is another band that I adore, maybe Paraline will join them with this new EP as one of my personal favourites."

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