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British based rap trio, Pengshui, dropped their brand new album 'Destroy Yourself' on 28th January 2022 via MVKA.

Pengshui are a unique loud & energetic rap trio comprised of members Illaman (Vocals), Fatty (Bassist) and Prav (Drums) from London, UK. Forging elements of punk, metal, rock, drum and bass, basically anything you can think of, these guys have it!

First Impressions

The first track 'Break The Law' (ft P Money) immediately begins getting you hyped up and makes you feel like jumping straight into the mosh pit. As we played through the new album, the minute Ursa Minor began to play we just knew this track would easily become our favourite of the album. It slaps, it's hard, it's heavy & we can only imagine what it's like watching them perform this track live.

What do we think of Pengshui?

I'm not usually a huge fan of rap music, including most rap-rock or rap-metal acts, I'm quite picky with who I listen to and if you did hear me listening to rap, it would be the likes of Kid Bookie, NF or Eminem, that's pretty much as far as I go. However, a new artist has just been added to my list of rap artists, that of course being Pengshui.

The trio have something about them that I absolutely love. Although not all of their music features rock or metal sounds, with some of their tracks featuring collaborations from the likes of Flux Pavillion, Goldie & Foreign Beggars, these guys still make each of their tracks sound explosive and that is something that most artists struggle to do, correctly anyway.

Pengshui have absolutely smashed it with 'Destroy Yourself' and I feel they've got much more to come, hopefully in the very near future.

The Final Score

Our rating: 9/10 💀: "Pengshui have smashed all the right musical elements together to create one explosive & ear pounding experience like no other..."

For fans of the likes of Kid Bookie




First Edition Coming Soon!

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