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Australian Metalcore band, Polaris, have announced they will be continuing their Australian and US Tour following the death of their guitarist Ryan Siew who passed away on 19th June 2023.

Polaris have announced they will be continuing their Australian and US tour. The band was uncertain whether they would continue as a band after their beloved friend and guitarist, Ryan Siew had passed away.

The band have also revealed that their plans to release their third full studio album, Fatalism will still be released on 1st September 2023. The tracks on the album will be the last set of songs that the band had written with Ryan Siew which makes this next album release even more special.

This is the official statement released by Polaris on Facebook:

We wish Polaris the absolute best on their AUS/US Tours and with the release of their upcoming album in September. It's a difficult time for anybody when they lose a love one and even more difficult to decide what to do, especially with a band that spends every date on tour and in the studio together. Polaris will live on and so will Ryan Siew in the form of their music and the special memories held by the band and their fans.




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