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Information Provided By Our Partners: Napalm Records

Switzerland’s legendary industrial black metal force SAMAEL unleash their live album, Passage - Live, out on February 16, 2024 via Napalm Records! Recorded during a sold-out concert in Krakow on the last day of the European leg of the "Passage 25th Anniversary Tour", Passage - Live offers a fresh take on the original album released in 1996.

SAMAEL states: "This album is a celebration of a record that is a landmark in our history. The album that made us the band we are today!"

The songs remain the same, but captured in the urgency of a live environment, they appear rawer and heavier than they were originally, and the maturation of a quarter-century makes them more immediate. Passage - Live is the first official recording with the band’s current line-up, and as Drop and Ales both were fans of the album before joining the band, they add new vigor and energy to the music.

Passage - Live is a testament to an album that left its mark on a generation of metal fans, as SAMAEL moved towards a more industrial sound, distancing themselves from their roots in black metal, and simultaneously breaking the band into a wider international audience. Passage has stood the test of time, remaining as fresh today as it was nearly three decades ago, and with Passage - Live, SAMAEL adds new depth to one of the most important albums in the band’s history. See you on the other side!


1. Passage

2. Rain

3. Shining Kingdom

4. Angel's Decay

5. My Saviour

6. Jupiterian Vibe

7. The Ones Who Came Before

8. Liquid Soul Dimension

9. Moonskin

10. Born Under Saturn

11. Chosen Race

12. A Man in Your Head

Meet The Band:

Vorph - Guitars, Vocals

Xy - Drums, Percussion, Keyboards, Samples, Drum programming

Drop - Guitars

Ales - Bass

Samael Tour Dates 2024: (Click here to view tickets)

22.02.24 PL – Kraków / Kamienna 1223.02.24 PL – Wroclaw / Zaklete Rewiry24.02.24 PL – Gdansk / B9025.02.24 PL – Warsaw / Progresja

09.03.24 JPN – Tokyo / Reny Alpha Akabane10.03.24 JPN – Osaka / Shinsaibashi Drop

02.05.24 NO – Kopervik / Karmøygeddon Metal Festival 2024

03.08.24 PRT – Bagos / Vagos Metal Fest 2024




First Edition Coming Soon!

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