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Powerhouse Rock Act, Seek Harbour, released their brand new single 'Emotion vs Motion' on 1st February 2024.

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Following a lineup change and the introduction of new vocalist Aimee Allin, Seek Harbour recently returned with the release of single ‘Skin vs Chrome’.

Their latest single ‘Emotion vs Motion’ is out on the 2nd February 2024. The band have previously had support from the likes of BBC, Kerrang Radio (Featured Artist Of The Week), Dreambound, TotalRock (Single Of The Week), Idioteq, Noizze, RTE2XM, and more and have already accrued over 250,000 streams on Spotify alone across previous releases. The band tour the UK with Colt 45 in May 2024 and have plans for a busy year ahead, having already toured with Skies in January.

“Emotion vs. Motion was my first chance in the studio to take more of a leading presence on a song, since joining the band, which was a very exciting thing for me. The whole process of rewriting the melodies and tailoring those aspects to me gave the song a total transformation and I've been very keen to hear how others react to this change” - Aimee Allin
"This song is one of my favourites melodically, the guitars throughout and the outro are just beautiful. The chorus however was originally sang by me (with a recording of that somewhere!) but it was just too low. It didn't really beef it up as much as Chris (guitars & programming) and I had hoped. When we offered the chorus to Aimee I remember her being apprehensive at first to go an octave up. Sure enough within the studio she nailed it! The chorus really shines in this one and I'm glad Aimee really takes the stage to show what she can do on this track." - Edwin Hall

Novacaine Rating: 10/10 "Emotion vs Motion is an excellent follow up track from their last release 'Skin vs Chrome', showing off that Seek Harbour is not limited to one style of sound and a great introduction to their new vocalist Aimee Allins vocal abilities"

Seek Harbour have also announced a tour with Colt 45.




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