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Following a lineup change and the introduction of new vocalist Aimee Allin, Seek Harbour recently returned with the EP ‘Versus’. The EP had support from the likes of BBC Radio 1 Rock Show, Kerrang Radio (Featured Artist Of The Week), Kerrang (Top 20 Chart), Dreambound, TotalRock (Single Of The Week), Idioteq, Noizze, RTE2XM, Apple Music, Deezer, and more. Fresh from a UK tour with Colt 45, the band will now release a series of reimagined songs starting with ‘Sleepless Water’ which is out on the 28th June 2024. 

Aimee Allin: 

“We’re still playing some of the older harbour stuff the boys wrote with loz (previous second vocalist) live. We all wanted to track what we’ve done with them, but in a way that was respectful to the original recordings. These ‘re-inventions’ ended up sounding gorgeous, but they’ll also hopefully give longer term followers an opportunity to hear the songs under a new light.”

Edwin Hall: 

“We tracked Sleepless Water originally as the follow up to our debut single (Ghost & Shadow) back in 2020. One of the band has a complicated relationship with alcohol, and they actually penned the lyrics to this one. Although we’re writing new stuff like mad, having Aimee come and help breathe new life into this was a fun experience. If anything - I feel the updated instrumentation has only enhanced the emotive nature of the track.”

Since we discovered Seek Harbour earlier this year, we have been in absolute awe with every release. Now Seek Harbour have turned back time so they can bring their new sound with their new co-vocalist Aimee Allin to their older music that featured their previous vocalist Loz but they have made sure to be respectful to the past, keeping the tracks beautiful harmonies and instrumentals whilst breathing new life into the track with Aimee Allin.

Novacaine Rating: 10/10 "Seek Harbour have done a wonderful job recreating their track Sleepless Water, and as with everything they do, it sounds beautiful and I'm sure it'll go down an absolute treat with their fans when performing live"

Check out Seek Harbours previous version of 'Sleepless Water' which features both their previous vocalist Loz and Tom Bryne of Valiant Hearts.




First Edition Coming Soon!

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