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Sheffield's aspiring metal act, Shadow Smile, have announced a Crowdfunder for their next album.

Shadow Smile have been teasing us all for a little while now on social media & now we know exactly what it's all about.

Today, Shadow Smile announced that they will be launching a Crowdfunder on Friday 28th January 2022 to help fund their debut album. They have said that they have had several record labels reaching out with offers and deals but they band want to maintain control of what they put out and who they target as fans.

Bands such as Icon For Hire have done this in the past, they have launched 2 successful kickstart campaigns to fund the production of their 2016 album 'You Can't Kill Us' and their latest 2021 album release 'Amorphous' of which they raised thousands to put it together.

Although Shadow Smile may not currently have the same status as Icon For Hire, due to them blowing up in 2011 with 'Scripted' but this move means that Shadow Smile maintain full control of what they create and means the interaction with fans will be more personal, fans get to have a physical part in the bands career. Many artists nowadays have lost touch with their fanbase, this way Shadow Smile get to work alongside them on their projects, which has proven quite successful with other artists in the past.

Here is what they announced on Facebook earlier today: (Source)

We look forward to what Shadow Smile have in store for us with their debut album. Their previous releases, such as "You're Safe" and "Marionette" where incredible. We wish the band the best of luck with their crowdfunding campaign.

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