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Shadow Smile have released their deadly debut album 'Signed In Blood' on 18th August 2023.

Shadow Smile, our cherished friends, have released their debut album 'Signed In Blood' on August 18, 2023. Since 2019, the band has embarked on an artistic journey, steadily refining their craft through successive single and EP releases. This dedicated pursuit led them to a distinctive sonic identity and a clear path forward.

In a remarkable display of commitment, Shadow Smile remained true to their promise of independence by abstaining from record label agreements. Their debut album was made possible through fan support via a crowdfunding initiative, highlighting the band's unwavering dedication. Even in collaborations, they maintained creative autonomy, exemplified by their work with longtime collaborator producer Daniel Jeffery, and acclaimed mixer Jim Pender, renowned for his contributions to acts such as The Wildhearts, Malevolence, Busted, Pendulum, and While She Sleeps.

The resounding success of this independent approach is undeniable. 'Signed In Blood' aptly illustrates Shadow Smile's evolution, firmly establishing their unique place within the musical landscape. A standout track, 'The Devil Makes Work For Idle Hands,' exemplifies their growth, summoning nostalgic echoes of their earlier work while showcasing a honed maturity.

Personally, 'The Devil Makes Work For Idle Hands' emerges as my preferred track within the album. It encapsulates the essence of Shadow Smile and takes me back to my first encounter with 'Digital God' back in 2019—only now refined to perfection. The album has swiftly amassed over 30,000 plays on Spotify, a milestone that attests to the band's far-reaching impact. Additionally, Shadow Smile's presence has graced festivals like Mayhem, where they are set to headline.

Congratulations are in order for Shadow Smile. From my vantage point, observing their journey has been an honor. Anticipation bubbles for what the next five years will bring exciting times lie ahead!

Overall Rating: 10/10 - The perfect debut album, exceeding all expectations, solidifying its place among this year's best new releases.

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