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Holy hell, is it 2023 already? It feels like 2020 was only last year when we was all huddled at home listening to our favourite artists hiding away from the deadly COVID-19. Thankfully, although it still remains, we are now able to continue enjoying life and can finally attend concerts to see the artists that we know & love.

2023 is about to kick off with a boom as our dear unholy friends over at Shadow Smile are about to drop a brand new single ‘Signed in Blood’ on the most unholiest of days, Friday 13th.

The new single is the first single from their upcoming debut crowdfunded album, also titled Signed in Blood, which is going to be a killer release in its own right. The album has been produced by the incredible Daniel Jeffrey and mixed by the amazingly talented James Pinder at Treehouse Studios who are known for their work with artists like Bring Me The Horizon, Bullet For My Valentine, The Wildhearts, While She Sleeps and breakthrough artists Malevolence.

Shadow Smile have noted that the new album is all about the 7 deadly sins, and that ‘Signed in Blood’ is written from the perspective of Mephistopheles and sees the listener begged, taunted and bribed into selling their soul. According to Shadow Smile, this acts as a metaphor for the way in which people are guilt tripped into following societal trends and often turn their back on their own core values for prizes that simply aren’t there.

The album also featured some incredible artwork which perfectly resembled what it’s all about.

I can’t really speak much more about the album or the single release, all I can say is that it’s going to be incredibly stunning and will for sure a staple piece in Shadow Smiles discography.

Vocalist Connor McGovern spoke about the single:

We wanted this song to be a modern take on songs like ‘Sympathy for the Devil’ by The Rolling Stones where the listener is being told why they should forget their morals and join the dark side. Those songs have always been a lot of fun and fit perfectly with the dark Shadow Smile imagery.

We wish Shadow Smile the best of luck with the single release on Friday 13th January and the album release in April 2023, every single release by them has been a success reaching out to radio stations, magazines & even festivals around the UK & Europe.

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