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Brit Rockers, Small Town Saviours are set to release a brand new single titled ‘Moving On’ on 20th January 2023 taken from their upcoming self-titled debut album which is set for release on 27th January 2023.

Just by taking a look at the debut albums cover art, you can tell these guys are here to have some fun and to get you, the crowd, bouncing and singing along. I’ve been blessed by the Small Town Saviours of having early access to the album and I must say these guys enough energy to power the world. Each track is packed with catchy lyrics, electrifying riffs and harmonies that’ll get stuck in your head for days.

The Small Town Saviours have been noted to have a ‘common fondness’ for The Ramones, Guns N Roses, Green Day and KISS. Even without knowing that information, to me anyway, you can tell these guys are definitely Green Day fans, telling stories with electrifying fashion.

Now I’m not going to spoil anything for you, all I will say is you NEED to put the dates 20th and 27th January 2023 in your calendars, because you do NOT want to miss this single or debut album on release day. Green Day, I know you’re probably not reading this, but for the love of fashionized Jesus, please get these guys as your support act.

I am super excited to see where The Small Town Saviours are heading over the next few years, they’ve got the passion and the talent to truly rock the world.

Check out the bands YouTube & Spotify:


Single Rating: 10/10

Album Rating: 10/10

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