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I am proud to reveal that our integrated social media platform, The Crew, is finally here!

Since August 2023 I have been working on this integration to create a safe and fun environment for both artists and fans to interact and for members to discover new awesome music!

I am constantly researching features to add to The Crew and finding new ways we can help upcoming artists grow their audience, I am always looking for feedback and suggestions on ways we can improve this website, as without you, there is no Novacaine and is there is no Crew.

Thank you all for your support.

Without further waffle from myself, I would like to introduce you to.... The Crew.

The Crew is a music community platform, created to provide a safe and fun environment for artists to interact with their fans and promote their music to the world.

Everyone is welcome to use this platform however they may wish to, Crew Members can start discussions about anything they desire, take part or create community discussions on our Crewfeed and Community Forum, talk to other Crew members 1-1 or in Group Chats by using our Members Chat.

Verified Artists have their own private section on the Community Forum where they can promote their music, start discussions for their fans to take part in, host giveaways and update everyone about what's going on in their world.

You may be thinking, why should I sign up to The Crew when other established platforms exist?

We are all about having fun and providing upcoming artists with a platform they can use to gather both new fans, feedback for their new music and to connect with other people in the Music Industry.

For Crew Members, its all about discovering new awesome music and discover their new favourite artists whilst also making new friends from around the world. You never know, you may even be inspired to create music yourself! On our Community Forum, we have a 'Help and Advice' category where you can ask any questions you may have about music creation and brand promotion, we will help get your questions answered by contacting our trusted contacts within the industry to get you the best answers to support you in your musical adventure!

So, you do this all for free?

Yep, that's right! Novacaine and The Crew is not a business or company. We are an independent platform that has a passion for discovering new music. We do not ask for any payment from any artists or site visitors. Read all about the how, the when and the why Novacaine was estalished by clicking here.

How do I sign up?

Want to help us build an awesome community whilst discovering new music? Click here to sign up for free!

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