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Hi Everyone! I just wanted to let you know what to expect when we release the full version of our integrated social media platform, The Crew, on 11th January 2024.

First off, on January 9th 2024 our website will be temporarily unavailable from 9:00pm UK Time so we can add the finishing touches.

Next, on 11th January 2024 at 2:00PM (UK Time) our website will be up and running. We have updated the design, nothing major, just a few things we thought looked kinda cool. From the launch time, you will have access to the following features if you register as a crew member:

  • Access to The Crew Community Forum, you can immediately begin posting and commenting.

  • Access to The Crewfeed, you can immediately create new groups, begin posting and commenting.

  • Access to The Crew Chat, you can immediately begin messaging other members and create group chats within the members chat.

  • Verified artists will have access to their own sections of the community forum and we invite them to create their own Crew groups on the Crewfeed.

  • All registered crew members can see the latest posts on both the Crewfeed and Crew Forum on our brand new home page.

  • Members can now comment on our articles and leave a rating.

  • Customise your profile picture and cover photo (new image sizes have been introduced).

Once the platform goes live, our first ever forum post will be published, it talks all about The Crew and how you can use it to both socialise and promote your music.

What else is new?

  • A brand new page called 'Merch Stores', a directory of verified band stores.

  • A brand new 'Features' page which shows you what we do here on Novacaine/The Crew.

  • A brand new 'Error404' just incase you party too hard, we will let you know how to get back to our home page with ease.

  • A brand new 'FAQ' page to answer questions that we think you may have, of course you can contact us if this page is not useful.

  • The Crew Store, is coming soon.

  • Updated designs across the board, these are still being implemented, will most likely have another updated in a month or so, just because I can never decide.

Anything coming soon?

  • The Crew Store, a store with official high quality Novacaine Merch. This may take us a while, all profits are used to help add more features to our platform and improve your experience with us. Who knows, maybe one day we could even do the app?

  • The Music Library will be a seperate page in the future, completed with music videos from the artists we have promoted over the years. This is quite a big quest, so again, may take a little while.

  • Interviews page, this is something we want to implement onto our site so you don't have to search for it. We have done quite a few video and written interviews, we are still finding the best way to provide this page so it is easy to access.

  • Friend system, this one is something we want to do, but it could take some time as it will require some level of coding. We host our site via a provider so will likely be time consuming and will cost £££, but this is so you can choose who you want to be friends with and who can see your posts, similar to other sites.

When our website goes under maintenance on 9th January 2024, this article will be posted on the splash page so you don't miss anything. If you would like to receive an update when our site goes live, please sign up to our newsletter. It does not cost anything and we do not send spam, we hate spam, both the food and the emails.

Thank you all for your support over the years, we cannot wait to show you what we have been working on since August 23 and I hope you guys find this new platform both exciting and useful!

See you soon!

PS: Do you like the new Crew logo? It's weird isn't it? Weird is mint.

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