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Rock band, The IDK's have released their brand new EP titled 'Something About You' on 08/09/23

The IDK's have released their brand new EP 'Something About You' and it's a pretty solid release, this is coming from the guy who absolutely loves Nu-Metal and anything with someone screaming into my earholes 24/7.

It may not be my usual cup of tea, but this EP release is one that I'd happily go back to. Each track is written and recorded to a professional standard, easy to learn lyrics and with the track 'Inside My Heart' has some awesome guitar playing right from the get go, easily my favourite track from the EP.

It would seem the band have decided to start a new, all previous recordings are no longer available on streaming platforms and with the band tweeting out on 26/07/23:

"This new single is just f*cking next level. I can't believe we have gone from recording dogsh*t to this. The trajectory of this record is insane! It keeps getting better and better. We refuse to release sh*t quality songs",

So, in theory 'Something About You' is The IDK's debut EP, and from what I can remember the bands original recordings weren't bad but they've really stepped up their game with their studio work.

I look forward to seeing what comes next from The IDKs, congratulations on the new release!

The Final Score:

8/10 - "This genre may not be my cup of tea, but The IDKs had me hooked with their brand new EP "Something About You" - Novacaine

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