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Surrey based rockers, The Rattlebacks, dropped a hot new single ‘Do You Wanna?’ on 3rd June 2022.

The Rattlebacks are back once again with a hot new single ‘Do You Wanna?’ and it is absolute rock ‘n’ roll sexyness, featuring catchy lyrics, electrifying guitars and a beat that’ll have your foot tappin’ and your head bangin’, it’s the perfect music chemistry recipe.

Do You Wanna? – The Review

Is it just me or do you know a song is going to be a bop when the song starts with the band either talking or making some weird noise? They always seem to be the ones that just go off and often respark your love for music as you can tell the band are having the time of there lives, that is exactly how I felt when I listened to ‘Do You Wanna?’, you could tell the band put there all into this track and wanted to create something that people could party to and that they’d enjoy playing.

This track features everything I love about music and actually kinda reminds me of AC/DC or Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers with ‘Running Down A Dream’, it gives the same vibe and just makes you wanna wiggle and sing along.

Guitarist Max Horn shows off his devilish guitar licks with his electrifying solos in this track and I absolutely adore it. It didn’t feel out of place like many tracks when they slap a solo in for added effect, they made sure it worked with the rest of the track and it made ‘Do You Wanna?’ that much more explosive.

Josh Clarkes, Josh Clarke the powerful legend. He has been made the bands permanent vocalist and I think the band made the correct decision. You can tell he’s got some real power behind his voice and I can already tell he will help make this band fire into space just by his vocals alone. All you need to do is compare there first 2022 release ‘You Needed It’ to ‘Do You Wanna?’ to hear how his voice has developed in just over a few months.

Obviously I can’t leave this article without talking about the other band members, all of which is an insanely talented line up if you couldn’t tell already. Seth Markes stands out in every track that I’ve heard from The Rattlebacks, smashing it in the background, especially in the new track, thundering his way through.

You don’t often see articles complimenting the bass player or rhythm guitarists do you? I always found it quite strange.

Bassist Jack Hollamby and Rhythm Guitarist Coxy do an incredible job making sure the track sounds as tight as possible, I can see some real special moments coming from this band when performing live on stage and these guys have the hardest job of making sure everything stays in beat and that is a skill and talent that is extremely difficult to craft but these guys have absolutely smashed it. The band have also made sure that each member has a moment in the spotlight as if you turn it up you can hear each instrumental element at some point and I do find that important as it’s often forgotten about by some artists.

The Final Score

Overall, The Rattlebacks have massively blown me away with this single release. Today was the first time in a while that I’ve checked out there stuff and I am glad that they sent this through to us to review because holy damn have these guys got what it takes to make it big. The line up alone is jammed with huge talent from each member and I am so looking forward to watching these guys explode.

The Rating:

10/10 💀

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