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For most of you the announcement of Live Nations latest event 'When We Where Young Festival' is yesterdays news, but we just cannot get over the line up that has been announced!

No, your eyes are not deceiving you, this is the actual line up for the When We Were Young festival in Las Vegas. Yes, Las Vegas, if you are from the UK and are reading this you are probably thinking to yourself "WHY CAN'T WE HAVE EVENTS LIKE THIS?!" and we feel exactly the same.

I would probably donate my entire body to be able to attend this event, provided they take it afterwards, as it might make it a little difficult to be there.

Why is it such a big deal?

I mean, have you seen the line up!? It's crazy! It's every "Emos" dream from the early 2000's, it's like Warped Tour on steroids. Having bands like My Chemical Romance, Paramore, Bring Me The Horizon, A Day To Remember, Pierce The Veil & I Prevail all on one line up is not something that we all come by very often, in fact at all. Having something like this in the early 2000's wouldn't of been such a massive deal but the majority of these bands have been able to head out on their own headline tours & headline music festivals for quite a while now, in fact as of recent Bring Me The Horizon have blown up massively across the world and MCR embarking on their first worldwide tour since 2013, not only that Paramore are writing a new album which is rumoured to be going back to their punk rock roots.

Before you ask, yes this is me fanboying over this line up, a line up I'll never get to experience and I am hugely jealous of anyone that attends (please pack me into your suitcase, thanks)

Despite this epic line up, there are some concerns...

Could it all go wrong?

As with every festival that faces this question, yes of course it COULD go wrong, but it doesn't mean it will and likely will be okay if everything is done properly. However, the When We Were Young festival is going to be held on Saturday 22nd October 2022. That's it, that's the only date for all of these bands to be playing.

Now from what we've heard the event will have multiple stages that rotate each act, that's all well and good but for people that are much like myself, you're going to have to make the hardest decisions probably of your life (bit dramatic I know, but it's justified). Who will you see? Avril Lavigne or A Day To Remember? Sleeping With Sirens or Pierce The Veil?, the choices!. I must add we do not know if these bands will actually clash as it's not exactly clear in what order the line up poster shows, but the stress is real for people like myself and I wish you good luck.

On top of that, this festival is set to run between 11am and 11pm, that's 12 hours for over 60 huge artists. Let me put it into perspective, Download Festival UK have 100 artists spread over 3 days that's about 33 artists per day and even then it's a nightmare to find who you want to see and artists that are on earlier don't get very long sets to allow for the later artists to play longer. It's crazy.

One other big concern is that this event has been put together by the same production that did Astroworld in 2021 which resulted in deaths & major injuries.

Overall, how do we feel?

Jealous. Despite it possibly being a complete nightmare to sort out who we want to see, I would still do whatever I could do attend this event as we likely won't see another one like this anytime soon. I say we, I mean anyone who lives in the US or has the money to get there and stay (we wish!).

If you are attending, then you better have a good time because most of us here in the UK are salty and will likely not get an event like this over here, so you better party like no tomorrow!

The Full Line Up:




First Edition Coming Soon!

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