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Rock 'n' Roll Newcomers, The Rattlebacks, sat down to talk to tell us all about their new EP, the 'Kink' tour and about what's going on behind the scenes.

The Rattlebacks are a UK 5-piece hard rock outfit hailing down from Brighton, hitting the industry by storm with their debut EP titled 'Kink' with their lead single accumilating over 3,500 listeners on Spotify and 10,000 views on YouTube aswell as being featured on multiple media outlets.

These guys are not messing around, they are here to take the hard-rock scene by storm.

Check out our interview with The Rattlebacks Guitarist Max Horn below, they talk all about the band and their debut EP 'Kink' which you can stream now on all major streaming platforms.

The Interview:

Q.) How have you all been doing? What has changed since we last spoke in 2020?

"We have a singer now! Back then we were nowhere & the industry was nowhere, but wehave put a lot of graft in and tried surround ourselves with the right people. So now things areall on the up, we’ve just released 2 singles and our debut EP ‘KINK’, it is nice for it all to see the light of day! We’re out on tour supporting it as we speak, check the remaining dates below."

November 24th - The Crypt, Norwich

November 25th - Blue Bar, Eastbourne

December 2nd - Olde England, Wellingborough

December 8th - Club 85, Hitchin

December 9th - The Rockhouse, Andover

Q.) We can see you guys are heading in a new direction in terms of your sound and style, what inspired you to switch things up?

"I think it’s just a natural thing, there hasn’t been a conscious decision to switch

anything up things have just matured that way and we’ve evolved and improved as

songwriters and musicians. It’s exciting though! We’ve never been a band to mine the

same vein for everything we do, where’s the fun in that!"

On 17th November 2023 you released your debut EP 'Kink' and even embarked on a tour in support of the new release.

Q.) What was the inspiration behind your hit single 'Rattleback' and your EP 'Kink'?

"Rattleback is a riff I’ve had since I was about 13, just never had a good excuse to

develop & use it until now! I brought it to the band and it has pretty much stayed the same ever since, the only note I got was from Coxy to make the solo longer… no problem!"

Q.) What was the song writing process for 'KINK'?

"Historically it’s a case of either myself or Coxy bringing in an idea, fully formed or just the

beginnings of it, and we thrash it out together then bring it to the band to fully flesh it out.

That’s pretty much how this EP was written, though now our process has moved on a bit and

things are a bit more dynamic now."

Q.) Did you have any known music pros, other than yourselves, work with you on the EP?

"Chris Allan, who’s an incredible session drummer helped us out by engineering the

drum recording session, and the miracle man known as Dave Holmes of Lightship 95 Studios

mixed and mastered the whole thing. Both legends in their fields!"

Q.) Your music video for ‘Rattleback’ threw us back to the old rock ‘n’ roll style, certainly

not what the current generation of music lovers are used to, how did the idea behind the video come about?

"That was always the plan! But the story came together during a bit of a meeting of minds

between the band and our incredible videographer & director Lizzie Dorning. She’s a creative powerhouse and was instrumental in bringing that concept & story to life! The idea of the ‘Rattleback’ demon/evil temptress being Jack’s sister though, that was myself & Coxy I believe."

Q.) What are the key things that aspiring artists should remember when writing music, putting together music videos and artwork?

"Be yourself, don’t let anyone tell you what to do, and do it with the right people & the right

attitude! It’s going to be fucking hard, but if you give up then you’ll never know. Collectively we

cannot have that “what if” in the back of our minds, it is the dream and it makes us all more

determined. So, from music videos, to rehearsals, to shows, to socials and everything in

between we have to be able to look at ourselves and say we do our very best with the tools at

our disposal."

Q.) How did you choose the venues when putting together the 'KINK' tour? How long did it take?

"We wanted venues that are local to us for the release shows, so naturally that was

Brighton, Guildford & Horsham. After that it was anything goes! We knew we wanted to play

places we’ve never been but that was the only criteria, we just wanna get out there! It took a

while because, if we’re honest, we left it a bit late to pull it together but we just about managed

it, and it’s been killer so far!

You guys seem to have some sort of plan in motion to get the ball rolling for

The Rattlebacks.

Q.) Any plans that you can reveal to your fans?

"It's no secret we’re working on our debut album, the plan is that it’ll be out next year. We

do have a few things up our sleeves but that would be telling!"

Q.) Are you working on a debut album or another EP?

"The debut album is nearly done! We’re in the mixdown stage now which is really fucking

exciting, it’s a huge step up for us in every way… from the song writing, the production, the

lyrical content and also getting to work closely with Dave Holmes from pre-production to

release. The Rattlebacks has grown as a whole and we have ended up with a record that far

exceeded our expectations. We hope you will feel the same when you hear it."

Q.) Are there any artists that you are planning on collaborating with on future releases, or maybe even touring with?

"Nothing in the pipeline yet but there have been talks amongst the band of a potential

collaboration. We hope Kink and the album will provide some very interesting options in 2024.

Watch this space.

Thank you again for giving us this opportunity to interview you again, before you go, why

should our readers listen to your new EP? And which track do you recommend our readers to check out to get them into the groove?

"No no, thank you for all your support over the years. We are simply making music that we

want to hear and currently we are not hearing all that much music from the hard rock niche,

so we are having a go at making it exciting again. Coxy say’s it is a band for the people by

the people, but he says a lot of stuff so who knows."

- End of Interview -

I would like to say a huge thank you to Max Horn and The Rattlebacks for giving us this opportunity to interview them. These guys are gearing up to take this industry by storm and have already proven that they are not slowing down any time soon.

You can stream The Rattlebacks debut EP 'KINK' on all major streaming platforms.

Oh, and don't forget to catch them on the 'KINK' tour! - Click Here For Dates

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