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Updated: Dec 1, 2023

Brightons Hard-Hitting Rockers, The Rattlebacks, released their brand new EP 'Kink' on 17th November 2023.

**Information provided by our partners: SanPR**

Born in 2021 and attacking your senses from Brighton, England, THE RATTLEBACKS feature Coxy (Rhythm Guitar) and Max (Lead Guitar), both having known each other since birth. The duo soon embraced Jack “The Hell” Hollamby (Bass), and powerhouse drummer, Seth Markes, who complete their mighty rhythm section. The band undertook a two-and-a-half-year nationwide search to find the right voice, and after countless and unsuccessful auditions, they discovered Josh Clarke performing live, and instantly they knew they had their man.

The blazing quintet have a staunch passion to deliver hard rock music to a new generation. Tilting their hat to grunge and classic hard rock, whilst integrating modern sensibilities, THE RATTLEBACKS are not a band rehashing a pale imitation of a past incarnation, they proudly stand alone in their own capabilities and are an absolute force of nature. Already possessing a loyal fan base across Southern England with numerous sold-out headline shows, the band have developed an underground cult following. With their EP, Kink, on the horizon and their debut album close to completion, their devoted fanbase has donated over £5,000 via GoFundMe to help drive the band to the next level.

THE RATTLEBACKS are now prepared to set loose their manifesto to an unsuspecting public. With a raft of singles and releases planned for the coming months, along with a collection of much anticipated live performances, THE RATTLEBACKS’ time is right here and right now.

The Review:

The Rattlebacks new EP 'KINK' Kicks Ass! Each track throws you back to the old school rock 'n' roll sound but with a massive serving of Rattleback poison. Every track on this EP is a winner and deserves your attention immediately. If you have not heard 'Amon' then you are sorely missing out and I am not entirely sure how you are still going about your day without hitting that play button.

As SanPR have said, The Rattlebacks scoured the UK to find the best vocalist to take the band to the next level, and they have scored! Josh Clarke is set to take The Rattlebacks to new heights in their career with a voice powerful enough to take on the titans of rock, combined with Max Horn's devilish guitar skills, Coxy's rythmatic fingers, Jacks slapping bass and the earthquake drums of Seth Markes, these guys are set to take on the music industry and are on the path to make it to the top alongside the titans of rock.

The fact we already have an album to look forward to, makes me extremely excited! These guys have already cooked up something tasty, and I want seconds!

The Rating: (KINK EP)

10/10 - "The Rattlebacks new EP 'KINK' rocks you to the core! Throwing you back to the old school sound but with The Rattlebacks Kick-Ass twist" - NOVACAINE

Recommended Track:

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