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The legends that released the killer track 'On The Inside' from their 2021 album 'Within Each Lies the Other' has released yet another incredible single 'Ultraviolet' which is the bands title track from their upcoming album set for release on 21st April 2023.

As Everything Unfolds have been releasing some incredible tracks over the last few years and 'Ultraviolet' has just hit another level of awesome. It featured everything I love about AEU and more. I was not expecting this track to be a heavy one, due to comparisions of their recent releases such as 'Felt Like Home' and although 'Blossoms' also featured AEUs heavy style I thought it was a one off to please fans of the previous album as with many bands that's how it goes, but nope these guys have just dropped an absolute banger and I suspect many more are to come.

I absolutely love Charlie's vocals, they range from angelic to straight up demonic, and I love a good scream and breakdown but I also like to be able to sing along which is exactly what these guys have been making sure to feature in each track so far. And even though feels like home didn't feature any screaming, the song was catchy, you can sing along and it is one that got stuck in my head ever since it's release.

And I shan't forget about the other guys in the band, the guitars, the drums, the bass everything comes together like it was meant to be and each time the backing track is so damn catchy and makes you wanna play air guitar & smash the table with a rolling pin whilst head banging in the kitchen.

Now I just want to say I Prevail are my number one favourite artist, especially after the release of True Power but As Everything Unfolds are increasingly becoming one of my favourite artists. I already love their music but this album is shaping up to be one of my top 5 ever with I Prevail sitting at number one so far.

I really hope to catch these guys on the road again soon, their Download Fest performance last year was insane and I can honestly imagine them performing a headline spot in the future, they have the talent, they have the creativity and they're already beating some of the bigger artists with every release.

I wish AEU the best of luck with the next album release, not that they'll need it as they're killing it massively.

Rating: 10/10


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