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Almost 50 years after the formation of Bristol punk group Private Dicks, I'm incredibly excited to be working with frontman Gavin King, on the release of his debut solo album 'Skeletons' which will be released on March 29th 2024 to limited edition (300) vinyl via Heartbeat Records.

With help from fellow Private Dicks' guitarist and life-long friend Paul Guiver and long-time Tears For Fears and Robbie Williams guitarist Neil Taylor - who also took on the production of the album - Skeletons is eight tracks of dark, catchy, post-punk angst.

"Everything that's released now is viewed through the prism of the pandemic, Gavin reflects from his apartment in Bristol. "And in many ways, this is no different. Like everyone else I had been indoors for ages, but once I completed Netflix and finished arguing with the cat, I began to look at the state of the world today. And once I started doing that, I started looking back at my own life. Then before you know it a bunch of songs are sitting on my hard drive."

Ahead of the album release, Gavin released the single 'Profiled' on 22nd March 2024. a song written about Gavin's incredible discovery that he was used as inspiration for movie character Gary King, the main protagonist in Simon Pegg's 2013 film The World's End. 

Discussing the inspiration behind the track Gavin says: "Each song on Skeletons is about significant moments that have impacted significantly upon my life. Profied tries to reflect not only the shock I felt upon being told to go and see The World's End, Simon Pegg's final part of the Cornetto Trilogy; on one hand feeling used but on the other, flattered, enough to also write a song about it in response. The story itself is worth hearing."

The new album, 'Skeletons', is available to purchase on limited edition (300) vinyl via Heartbeat Records.

Stream 'Skeletons':

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