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Updated: May 6

Not So Newcomers, Fates Messenger, released 2 brand new singles 'World Collapse' and 'Carved in Stone' on 3rd May 2024.

The incredible talents of Fates Messenger have graced their presence once more with two new hell-defining new singles, World Collapse and Carved in Stone.

The band released their debut single 'Scars' on 1st March 2024 alongside a second single 'Bonechapel' both of which were absolutely insane, especially to hear from a debut act. However, this isn't the members of Fates Messenger's first rodeo. According to their bio, the band was formed by members of Above All, Romeo Must Die and Dishonour The Crown. This crew have put their creative experiences and talents together to form one soon to be legendary Thrash-Metalcore act known as, Fates Messenger.

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Fates Messenger have stayed consistent yet unique with their two new singles, World Collapse and Carved in Stone. Ensuring to stick to their debut sound of Scars and Bonechapel and but yet making sure to let their creative influences flow in these two hell defining singles. In my opinion, these singles are much more in your face when comparing them to the two debut releases, they are designed to cause absolute destruction and feature enough volcanic sound-wave energy to melt your face. I guarantee you, you will leave one of their gigs with the sound of those drums in your ears all night and day.

The band spoke about what each of the singles are about:

"World Collapse - Is about the fragility of life and the weakness of the human mind. All it takes is one wrong decision, no matter how small at that time which can lead to a domino effect from which there's no turning back, your world collapses around you."
"‘Carved in Stone’ is the flip side to ‘World Collapse’, having self belief and commitment to living the best version of yourself and leaving a positive mark on the world. Don't look back with regret wishing you'd followed your heart."

Personally, my favourite track out of the two, is Carved in Stone, it's f*cking epic and features everything I love about both Thrash and Metalcore. It's mental, features tasty riffs and a delicious breakdown that sent shivers down my spine. You honestly do not know what a tasty breakdown does to me. Bit TMI? Sorry not sorry.

Fates Messenger is a band to keep a close eye on, these guys have broken out the gates running and with clearly no signs of stopping anytime soon. I want to give a huge congratulations to Fates Messenger for yet another impressive release, not only for a new artist but for releasing something that is familiar but yet also unique.

As I've said many times before, my usual taste in music is very heavily Nu-Metal and Metalcore, these guys are very quickly drawing my attention to Thrash-Metal a lot more, which is exactly what drives my passion to continue writing and supporting artists, exploring incredible new talents & sounds just like Fates Messenger.

Novacaine Rating: 10/10 - "Keep a close eye on Fates Messenger, they are going to be huge."

Stream World Collapse & Carved in Stone:

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